Guitar Rig - Looper feature request

Wouter De Muynck
Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 230 Pro
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The looper that existed in GR5 did a great job, but there are some options that would come in handy:

  • add the ability to change the input source to another (virtual) channel so you can loop synths/drums patterns/...
  • add an effect chain dedicated to the looper or to a looper layer
  • add the ability to mute/unmute layers
  • add the ability to mix the existing layers
  • add the ability to load samples into the looper and add a play-once option (so no continious loop)
  • Show the BPM through a flashing button as a looping aid

These a re just a few ideas. Any feedback is welcome.




  • wilcs
    wilcs Member Posts: 1 Member

    Yes, please add the looper to GR6, I really miss it too, and from the above feature requests the one to be able to mute/unmute layers would be very useful in a live situation.

  • ryu23
    ryu23 Member Posts: 3 Member

    Please NI, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE add the looper to guitar rig 6!

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 230 Pro
    edited September 2023

    Important update: Guitar Rig 7 Pro was released as part of the newly released Izotope Music Production Suite 6 bundle (you can also buy it stand-alone, and I assume there will be upgrade-paths available also) and the looper returns as Loop Machine Pro:

    Thansk @Kymeia for letting me know!

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