Maschine MK3 not showing Ableton Live 10 clips in Session View

Tom Auger
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Hi community! I've followed the instructions for installing the Maschine Mk3 Control Script/Template into Ableton Live that is posted here:

And while the transport controls now work great, the clip launch pads are not lighting up.

I've read instructions that suggest that the "SCENE" and "PATTERN" buttons on the MK3 ought to light up to allow you to switch between the Arranger and Session Views but they are dimmed out.

I can use the 3D Wheel to move around in my Session view. But the functionality I'm really looking for is to see what clips are populated by seeing the pads light up in MK3 and to be able to trigger clips by pressing the corresponding pad.

I've seen some pretty wacky setups that require Maschine software to be also running, but that seems like overkill, since we already have the template integration.

Here's my Link|Midi Preferences panel, configured like the instructions describe. I've also tried every combination and permutation or Remote ON/OFF, Output etc.

Any help would be appreciated!


  • 6xes
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    im guessing here

    but normally you would also enable the input and output of the maschine mk3... both in the control surface section as well as the remote section area

    also you need to be aware... sometimes the maschine mk3 & maschine mk3 virtual output are different ports... and not necessarily one in the same port(just something you need to be aware of)

    also most of the time when it comes to bootup of your system.. Maschine mk3 will normally kick into the Maschine mk3 virtual port and the other port is Maschine mk3 is disabled.. this can be reversed but the process is tedious to do

  • Tom Auger
    Tom Auger Member Posts: 23 Member

    Hi thanks for your response! I tried every permutation in that Input and Output grid, but no combination turned the SCENE and PATTERN buttons on.

    I'm also confused about the Virtual inputs / ports - never really been sure what they were all about, but are they relevant to what I'm trying to accomplish?

  • D-One
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    Does the red Session View box show up?

    From the link you posted try both the "Template" and "New Template", it's been a while since my MK3 days so I don't 100% remember the difference. Try both, and disable all other control surfaces while testing.

    If I am not mistaken one is for the Ableton red box/clip launch (legacy) etc and the other is for the fancy on-screen Ableton mixer, the fact that JAM is mixed there in the instructions makes it awkward to understand.

    For the MK3 I don't think you don't need to set up IN/Out. But try it anyway with the legacy template.

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