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  • PK The DJ
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    Two words - logistical nightmare.

  • Royal Tee
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    ^^^After the scammy feeling it left when we updated to 14CE and got 3 vouchers that turned out to be 100% worthless, I have soured on anything plugin alliance related and will most likely never purchase anything from them or lend value to anything NI pushes from them...Sorry not sorry.🙅‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • HiEnergy
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    I'm wondering about why that Synthesizer V sale and the announced partnership between NI and Dreamtonics have vanished from NI's website. Not a trace left of it...

  • PoorFellow
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    edited November 2023

    Vouchers were worthless ? Wow ! , I didn't know! I (would have) thought that the vouchers that people got with something like K14CE would have had at least some use. Though to be frank then I don't think that N.I. are known for the great usability of the coupons that you get when you buy stuff. The voucher that I got for the N.I. web-shop with my keyboard expired unused and then the voucher that I got for the N.I. web-shop with my K14 Standard from back in June I still got though I still consider using it ! I tried looking up, the vouchers for P.A. coming with bundles using the compare bundles page and since that page is not specific then I tried using Google and found a page (WELCOME to the Native Instruments KOMPLETE 14 Add-On Bundle) that mention vouchers this way : "Buy Any PA Plugin for $29.99" voucher(s) , if it is such vouchers that you refer to then I do understand why you would call the vouchers worthless , especially since I think that they have had more offers for people in general that gives such an offer with no voucher. I just thought that the vouchers that came with the K14 Collectors Edition would be way better than just three of the same from K14 Standard, but I guess not !

    P.S. Having written all the above then I got the idea to check the Specifications part of the K14CE page, and there it does say :

    Quote : PRODUCT INCLUDES : Installation files, e-voucher for the Native Instruments web shop, and three “Buy any Plugin for $29.99” e-vouchers for the Plugin Alliance web shop. Read Native Instruments’ e-voucher terms and conditions

    So I guess that we all just need to learn to read the fine print prior to purchase ! 🤣 🤔 , I mean to not be disappointed with any particulars 🤔 . With the number of plugins at the Plugin Alliance web shop then I personally think that there ought to have been room to give Collectors Edition buyers three vouchers for additional free plugins of a certain value , but I guess not !

    P.S. 2 : Besides the plugins from 'vouchers' for free Plugin Alliance plugins (with stated value of $xxxx) I got from buying things then I have actually bought from Plugin Alliance three times myself !

  • Monochrome
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    It was a limited time sale running from October 30th until November 9th.

  • HiEnergy
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    So I just missed it... 😫

    Thanks for your quick answer.

  • Jordu7
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    Hello, I just got an email that states in the text (I copied the text exactly) in German:

    "75 % Rabatt auf Komplete 14 Ultimate

    Erweitere dein Studio während der Cyber Season: Spare 75 % beim Upgrade auf Komplete Ultimate"

    However, when I log in, I only get a 50% off offer? It should be clarified what the 75% relates to!

  • Kami H
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    I just got an email in french "Profite de 83% de réduction sur la mise à niveau de Komplete 14".

    When I log I have only 50% off any offer.

    Is this an error or I missed something ?

  • PK The DJ
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    PoorFellow said:

    what people are allowed to select/pick to be their 'up to twelve free expansions'

    I noticed that the current 50% off deals exclude a small number of plugins and expansions - but those same expansions (which are not 50% off) are pictured as part of the 12 free expansion choices when you buy a Maschine.


  • PoorFellow
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    edited November 2023

    Unless there are some special promotion going on in French territory then it is only %50 . Knowing N.I. I would in general very much doubt that you are going to see a %83 discount on anything Komplete 14 software by itself. I do not know the % discounts if getting e.g. the Komplete 14 Standard with a Komplete S MK3 keyboard , that may possibly somehow add up to a %83 discount if subtracting the original price of the keyboard from the offer price (?) , I don't know , but surely the software by itself is not sold with more than %50 discount !

    P.S. the 'upgrade' reference could refer to that the item normally only ships with Komplete Select !

    P.S. 2 : I did some calculations and there is no way that the %83 could fit any of the bundle offers for the Komplete S MK3.  And I tried the calculating on the cheapest Audio interface with Komplete 14 Select but that still were not more than a %77 saving.  So 'I give up' I can not see what could possibly count as a %83 savings in connection with Komplete 14 ! ?

  • Timbo
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    I got that email too. I am in Australia. The price for my update stated as A$199.50. When I tried to buy it magically changed to A$299.50. This is classic "bait and switch" advertising which is illegal in just about every civilized country in the world. Shame on NI.

    Needless to say I do not think I will be updating anytime soon. In fact, I think I might look at what competitors are offering at this time of the year. Hopefully their marketing departments are more honest than NI.

    Disappointed to say the least.

  • PoorFellow
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    edited November 2023

    I gave links to some competitors offers here : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/comment/107675/#Comment_107675


    If you suspect 'Bait and Switch' then double check who sent the email. Usually I would not suspect Native Instruments of such tactics (though of course I can not guarantee that they did not make some kind of mistake !). But sometimes it is seen that someone gets a referral fee and people getting paid by referrals usually are not so picky when it comes to tactics !

    Come to think of it then @Jeremy_NI , perhaps you should get N.I. to look into these emails making promise of a discount that is not true ?. And have N.I. check if it is some kind of error made by N.I. or something more sinister (like referrals cheating people).

  • reffahcs
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    I just redeemed my 12 expansion coupon after purchasing an M+

    There's no restrictions. You just add expansions to your cart like normal, it's only at the very end that the voucher is even entered, so no way for NI to "filter" your choices prior to checkout.

  • Team Green
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    Not a Complaint just wondering if there will be any percentage off vouchers again for use on the purchase of any session instrument. We used to get them now and then added to our account and it was awesome.


    Team Green

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