Creating User MIDI Template with S61 mk3 and Komplete Kontrol 3.0.0

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I am a user of the NEW S61 mk3 keyboard, and I'm currently using Komplete Kontrol version 3.0.0. In the past, with the older KONTROL mk2 model, it was possible to create user MIDI templates in the Komplete application by clicking on the round MIDI input icon.

However, in my current version of Komplete Kontrol (3.0.0), I cannot locate this MIDI icon. Instead, I only see the piano icon labeled "61" in front of it.

I would like to know how to create USER MIDI templates with the KONTROL S61 mk3 in this newer version of the Komplete Kontrol software.

Any guidance or instructions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.


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    I'm seeing it but maybe it only shows if you have a MkII as I thought the MKIII was supposed to be able to handle MIDI config in the keyboard?

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    No matter how much I try, I simply cannot take this internal meeting investor pitch out of my head:

    "NI will become the Apple of music instruments. A close ecosystem, where both users and developers will pay to enjoy eye candy wallpapers and shiny lights. The >majority of people< just want to play simple chords and turn a few knobs. We'll dumb things down and we'll dictate what and how people play. We'll get to the rest as well - but we'll re-evaluate and invest in updates later on, if absolutely needed".

    You are a business first and this a valid long term direction, and I have nothing against it if properly communicated. Business wise, it's a far more realistic objective and too coincidental to simply ignore.

    Is there something, anything in these new hardware and software releases to show you are vested in other things outside your ecosystem? I want to invest into more of your products, but it's really hard at this point - because I am not interested to be dictated how I should use my instruments, and I am also not super optimistic long term knowing that developers have to pay for the privilege to list their libraries on that shiny new screen, and MIDI 2 is just around the corner which will feature a lot of the same advantages for free.

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    The NI ecosystem is about building experiences that otherwise could not happen. However, it is inaccurate to suggest that it is a closed ecosystem.

    NKS is open, 100% free for developers, and gives them control over how their Instruments appear on hardware (with planned features deigned to give more flexibility over time). There are thousands of instruments from hundreds of developers that support NKS.

    Similarly, Kontrol Mk3 supports MIDI 2.0 for exactly the reason that you state and our new tech stack is architected so that we can pick up MIDI 2.0 features as they roll out. As you say, MIDI 2.0 isn't quite there yet, but we believe in it and continue to contribute to it as part of the MIDI Association.

    Along the same lines, we are in discussions with our friends at the major DAW manufacturers to extend integration to built-in DAW Instruments and integrate more deeply with the DAWs.

    Regarding custom MIDI Mapping, the vast majority of instruments can be mapped to any MIDI message. It's still an important feature, but we have to make difficult prioritisation decisions all the time and this was one such prioritisation decision.

    Hopefully this helps to clarify how we are approaching this at least in broad strokes.

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    what a desappointment ! I just received my s88 mk3 and there are fewer functions! basic functions that still existed in version 2.9. the midi keyboard is at the center of my studio to control both the plugins and my hardware synths and expanders! and now it's no longer possible! how is it possible that Native Instrument removes such an essential function! have your own midi templates!!! what a desappointment !

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    I appreciate your response Tim, but I must express my deep disappointment. When I purchased my KONTROL S61 mk3, I was specifically motivated by the ability to create templates, a feature I was familiar with from my experience with the mk2.

    This means that I invested in this new model with the expectation that these features would be available. The need to wait several more months to access this function is extremely disheartening, especially as I use this keyboard for my stage performances.

    While waiting for this update, I find myself in a difficult position where I must consider purchasing a KONTROL mk2 to meet my immediate needs. This goes against my desire to use the latest available equipment.

    I hope you understand my frustration and will take into account the importance of this feature for users like me, who use these keyboards professionally. I look forward to this update and hope it will be available sooner than anticipated.

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