Battery 4 Not Changing Paramaters?

alexthebore Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited March 2022 in Battery 4

I noticed an old forum about this but no answers yet...

When I open Battery 4 as a plugin, I can't really change paramaters inside the plugin. Example: On cell 1, I want to turn down the level. When I click and drag, the slider just snaps back up to its original position, sometimes going past it to a higher level.

Occasionally I can get it to slide into the negative values by repeatedly trying, but it tends to snap back up. The same happens, when I try to slide positive, but it's more likely to retain some non-specific positive value.

This issue happens with all paramaters, on a master and cell level. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Battery, multiple restarts of my DAW (Pro Tools 2019 12.0), Computer restarts, etc. None of these issues persist in the standalone battery, just the plugin!

Anyone else dealing with this issue, or having any luck finding a solution?



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