Maschine MK3 won't let me switch to the correct device in the audio interface

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Hey yall, I'd really appreciate your help if you can. Thanks in advance. My Maschine MK3 was working fine on Saturday. Today, it wont let me switch to the correct device in the preferences (see attached photo)

When I attempt to change it to the 'Maschine MK3 WDM Audio', the program freezes & then shuts down. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, using four different USB ports, & I looked through multiple forum discussions. I can't get any sound from the headphones because the device is wrong, I can only get sound from the laptop speakers (which isn't helpful while creating). Anyone experienced this issue & made it through?


  • JesterMgee
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    Under the DRIVER section, do you have an ASIO driver listed for the MK3? Can you select that?

    If you are using the Shared mode, what is the Samplerate you are selecting, is it the same Samplerate as Windows?

    ASIO would be the best audio driver to select for Maschine usage.

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