RANE Twelve MKII HID Integration

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Due to a known issue with these players, the "Playhead Skipping Bug" (TP-17638), the RANE Twelve MKII are not really suitable for use with Traktor, although there is an official mapping to this and both sides say that Traktor is officially supported. In the end, however, they are unfortunately not usable, because the timecode signal is emulated incorrectly (my guess) and Traktor also gives an error message with the grounding.

I assume the easiest way to fix this issue would be to open up Traktor to HID support for motorized platters. There are already several other threads in the Ideas Section that express this wish.

Serato and dj Pro AI have already done this and the performance via USB is way better than via the emulated timecode signal and chinch wires.

The advantages of HID over conventional transmission paths are well known. If this is unclear to anyone, I will be happy to document it in more detail. (No or less Sticker drift / Simple connection over USB instead of cinch wires / Less latency and so on)

It is also in other Ideas for Traktor a big thing - If you interested you are welcome to have a look in this other threads and also leave an upvote there or vice versa:

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