Denon Prime LC6000 HID Support

Hi, due to Traktor dev team requests in the master Denon Prime thread, we need to have a dedicated thread to request HID support for INDIVIDUAL Denon units in the prime series.

THIS is the thread for the LC6000 controller. PLEASE UPVOTE!!!

Original Thread

Traktor Dev response

"Hi @leesinthemix thank you for posting this idea. We just published a review of top voted ideas here and I'd like to give you an update that the status of this idea has not changed because the TRAKTOR product team has requested that we split this request into individual one for each of the mentioned devices instead.

Passing on a feedback from the TRAKTOR product team here:

Integrating 3rd party HW over HID requires serious development effort. And while it's our goal to increase our portfolio of 3rd party HW integrations over the next few years, we have to cautiously choose which devices.

We'd appreciate it if you can split this request into individual threads for each of the devices so that others can vote. Thank you!"

40 votes

In Review · Last Updated

Congrats, your idea has received 30 votes in under 3 months. We'll bring it up to the TRAKTOR team for a review.


  • miishmash
    miishmash Member Posts: 1 Member
    edited May 2023

    This one please!! Also I understand where splitting the hardware up comes from, but I think some weight should be given to the overall number of votes for Denon gear. I think it's pretty clear the Traktor community wants a Denon and Traktor partnership.

  • Dennisfeldmann
    Dennisfeldmann Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Its Not just the community - Traktor has several well knien DJs unser Contract (Sasha, Joris Voorn etc.) Carl cox in the past as well.

    its a neccessary Need of getting the SC6000 (Not m) in the function of Traktor to spread the Option to gain More Popularity as They should have!

  • andyrap
    andyrap Member Posts: 4 Member

    Just to add to this, I think there is even more urgency and need for NI / Denon integration following the monopoly that is being forged with Pioneer buying Serato. Makes commercial sense.

  • iamLodin
    iamLodin Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Dont forget Oliver Heldens. He also uses Denon gear.

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