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I own Maschine MK3 and use it connected to my laptop. Everything's fine. Now I also want to connect the Maschine to my Windows 10 desktop computer. So I install Access and I get the icon on my desktop. So far so good. But when I want to open Access it immediately starts updating and then - while installing the update - it gets stuck and the Access icon disappears from my desktop (and the app from my disk). I've tried all the solutions I could find on the NI-site and the internet (uninstall NI-registry, disable Bitdefender, DISM, safe mode etc). Any suggestions?

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    Hi Kaiwan, thanks for your support. I managed to get Native updated! I used a combination of uninstalling NI and the NI registry, then installing NA and thén doing the update in safemode (important: áfter I had installed NA in normal mode). Thanks again, much appreciated!


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