Favourite DAW with NI



  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,825 Pro

    Cakewalk all the way!!!

  • iNate
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    Ehhh... If I had to choose a Windows-only DAW, I would pick Samplitude Pro X. It's pretty much better in almost every way.

    But I did make a habit of recommending Cakewalk to all Windows users who wanted a recommendation. It's always smart to start at Free ;-)

    But Samplitude is a superior option in terms of workflow and feature set - especially with the improvements they have made to the UI/UX.

    I just hate that both these DAWs don't have a usable one-shot sampler. Can't really make drill beats without Glide/Portamento for 808s, and Battery 4 doesn't have that. I do have Reason 12, so I can always "Rack In" Mimic or NN19, but for someone picking up a Free DAW due to monetary constraints, that is not an option.

    I find most free samplers to be... extremely underwhelming.

    I suppose you can use Independence for this in Samplitude (and I think there is a free Library-less version that Cakewalk could use), but that's a horrible workflow. It's not "really" made for that kinda work.

    Would be nice if NI could add this to Battery 4, though.

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,825 Pro

    Cakewalk has pitch shift automation, which is a good alternative to a glide option, but I respect you!

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