Kontakt not showing up on Ableton, not playing in Komplete Kontrol

cloudyblueday Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
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I'm new to Kontakt and also just recently got a new macbook. I had all my plugins downloaded to a removable SSD, and I've been trying to set them up on my new macbook, with no luck.

I've followed the native support guide on installing products on a new computer (https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209544789) and have been able to locate individual file paths from Native Access into my SSD. But they don't seem to show up in Ableton or Cubase, and won't play in the Komplete Kontrol window, even though the installation paths are correctly going to the file locations on my SSD in NA.

I'm on a new Macbook M1. Is it not yet supported by the M1 chip?

Any support would be greatly appreciated.


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