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My Maschine 2 software has the word block when I try to load a sound for a pad on the MK3...and I'm also having problems now previewing the sounds and I switched preview on and off on my hardware still no sound even if I load it...but I'm clearly getting sound through the headphones as a audio interface clearly watching YouTube listening through the hardware any suggestions on this I'm stumped right now I'm running on PC windows 11

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  • D-One
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    Not enough info...

    What audio interface are you using? The MK3 or some other one?

    What do your Audio settings in the Maschine Preferences look like? Take a screenshot.

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    2.17.0 is out - no news or thread in the forum 🤔

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    No news from you for a while. We’re closing this thread now. If you still need assistance on that topic, please get in touch here:

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