How To Route Audio from Audio Interface Into Maschine Line Input for Sampling?

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I have a Clarett 2Pre audio interface connected to my Macbook. There are 4 outputs. I am trying to test my setup to see if I can get audio which would normally come through my monitors to show up in Maschine so that I can sample various things on the internet. I am running one of the interface's main output lines into Input 1 on Maschine. The input source is set to "Ext. Mono" and the input is set to "In 1 L". The recording mode is set to "Detect". There is no audio being detected despite one of the main monitor lines feeding directly into Maschine. What am I missing?

Here are some screenshots of my current setup:


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    Basically you need audio Loop Back.

    Some Focusrite interfaces have it and some do not, I think they save this feature for interfaces with more than 2 INS (more expensive) but you can try following this guide.

    If that doesn't work then your only option is to do it thru software, theres easy solutions like Rogue Amoeba's LoopBack but it's rather expensive, for free theres alternatives such as BlackHole, probably others too.

    No. Theres "Aggregate Audio" devices and "Multi Output" devices, both are designed to merge audio interfaces.


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