Feature Request: "Multi Mute" like Analog Rytm

Analog Sol
Analog Sol Member Posts: 18 Member

Ability to select many pads and mute/un-mute all at once. 

This is super handy for live performance. It means you don’t need to pre set up patterns with mute changes. You can improvise and free up your other hand for synth tweaks etc. 

here’s a video explanation. 

(Let me know if this is already possible somehow)



  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,990 mod

    Fair request.

    You kind of can do half of that with Lock-States, I say half because on the first time you are setting up a lock state to mute specific pads you will still have to mute one by one but after that you can recall the previous state easily, or since it's performance thing you can setup several lock states... It won't be as fast and practical as that dedicated "Multi Mute" function from the Rytm but could be worth looking into as a possible workaround.

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,421 Expert

    That’s a very cool feature, which I think every performer will love to use. Lock states allows to do multi mute changes with one pad hit, but is less interactive IMHO.

  • Analog Sol
    Analog Sol Member Posts: 18 Member

    Glad you like it! Yeah, lock states is similar, but it has the problem that it must be pre planned. Also, if I make some lock states for mutes, then start tweaking things to raise the energy, then recall a lock state, all my knobs will reset. This is why I think this would be a powerful feature to use independently but in also in combination with lock states.

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