Maschine as multitimbral logic plugin not working?

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Just tried following this link:

[sorry it wouldn't let me post the link, but google "Loading MASCHINE as a Multi-Timbral Instrument" and the first page that comes ups an NI support page on this]

Specifically the 'Loading MASCHINE as a Multi-Timbral Instrument' section..

Logic 10.7.7, Maschine 2.17

Created a 16-part multitimbral software instrument track for Maschine - loaded a drum kit from Groups browser - set each pad's channel MIDI Input in machine to source = Host and Channel = 1 through 16..

Playing MIDI into any of those channels, nothing makes any sound...

Can someone else confirm this?

[NOTE: the Drumkit routings method where everything is in one midi channel does work, but not the multitimbral method]



  • ShelLuser
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    I think this is the link OP is talking about: link to support site article.

    Now, fair warning: I don't use Logic myself so I have to go by what I'm reading. I don't expect to solve this issue, but I am hoping to give you useful comments.

    Created a 16-part multitimbral software instrument track for Maschine

    Just making sure: 16-part, does that also involve 16 tracks?

    Because when I check the page linked above I see the following (quote from the support page):

    Create a Software Instrument track with MASCHINE loaded on it. Tick the Multi-timbral box and enter 16 in the parts field, as shown below. This will create 16 MIDI tracks that will automatically be assigned to MIDI channels 1 through 16 in ascending order.

    Notice 16 tracks? Like I said, I'm not familiar with Logic but I can definitely understand what's going on here: each track will sent MIDI to Maschine through a different MIDI channel. Since you mentioned parts I can't help wonder if you did something different.

  • mason drielling
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    This solution is rediculous. I think that’s the issue here.

  • mason drielling
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    You should be able to use komplete kontrol for this. Not all these extra steps.

  • ShelLuser
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    That won't work because you can't use that in combination with Maschine. Please take note of the forum you're in: this is about using Maschine.

  • mason drielling
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    Im saying you should be able to use the Maschine controller to control Komplete Kontrol vst. I know what forum I'm in and I was clear.

  • D-One
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    How are you playing the MIDI? Thru a Maschine Controller?

    At least from Logics Piano Roll I cannot confirm, everything works fine here except one mistake or misleading fact about the article:

    Key Mode to Drumkit will not allow to play each Pad chromatically, that's not whats made for. To play pads chromatically use Manual Mode.

    I'm on an older version of Logic tho, 10.7.4, not sure if anything changed since.

    I cant confirm atm if a MAS controller in Maschine-Mode can record directly to those MIDI Tracks tho, afaik AUv2 has no MIDI Out from Plugins, so you would need to use MIDI Mode.

    I'll attach my project in case you need to compare.

  • basehead617
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    @D-One I'm playing an external keyboard into the MIDI In of the Maschine mk3..

    I hope the logic version doesn't make a difference.. I'll take a look at your project later today.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @mason drielling What you are saying has nothing to do with the OP's issue. there was zero mention of Komplete Kontrol whatsoever. Maybe you can complain in a more relevant post or create your own.

  • basehead617
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    @D-One Your project works when opened yes.

    After many random changes fooling around, mine started working, but I have no idea what kicked it into working. However, when I just create a new project, and set it up it doesn't work. I'm trying to track down what the issue is now but no luck..

    Very simple and I could take a video of it..

    • run logic
    • new project
    • create 16-part multitimbral Maschine 2 software instrument from startup screen
    • browse and load any group e.g. a drumkit, and confirm pads make sound
    • go to channel input on each pad and on MIDI page change source to Host and Channel to the number of the pad
    • select any of the 16 tracks in logic (record mode enabled which I have on my default) and play a midi controller (which is plugged into Maschine mk3) into it
    • nothing makes sound

    This is not recording any notes (though that makes no difference either), just playing a controller into it..

    I've also tried other direct USB midi inputs like my P6.. no difference..

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