Duplicate user Library on Maschine Plus

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Hey all. I have troubles with loading in my user library on Maschine (SOFTWARE). I am running the new MacBook Pros (M1 Pro variant) and macOS Monterey. I have the Maschine Plus device, but I am running it with the software in controller mode.

In the BROWSER, when trying to select a sound from my user library (ONE-SHOTS) - the folders which the samples are in are sometimes duplicating, and sometimes just plain wrong.

There are two breaks folders in the picture, but it's only supposed to be one. In the second one, some of the sounds from the correct folder appear. (for some reason?)

I've tried re-importing samples, tagging and untagging, removing folders etc. but this problem seems to just happen randomly when importing new samples or refreshing my user library.

Sometimes it also "duplicates" the folder when trying to add tags to the samples. (also: the "Maschine 2" folder shows up as one of my other folders sometimes?)

I hope this post wasn't too confusing, if it is let me know and I'll try my best to explain more.




  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Did you recently migrate your sample data to a new place? Sometimes to get rid of duplicates you'll need to reinitialize the database. It'll require you to delete a file in a hidden user library folder.

    Please try if you haven't already and let us know how it goes.

  • nxtseq
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    Hey @Kaiwan_NI . Thanks for the suggestion. This was actually the first time syncing my own sample folder with the Maschine on a new computer. I tried to reinitialise the database, but the duplicates are still there. Now there is even a folder which I've added which I can't access. When I move the knob to try to select a folder, it just "hops" away from the folder to one of the previous ones. If this is too hard to understand, let me know I'll make a video on this.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Jeremy_NI Can you help us? T_T

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @nxtseq Where is your sample folder located on your system ? How did you sync it with Maschine ?

  • D-One
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    If i had to take a guess i'd say it must be related to tags, the browser doesn't just use the folder structure to separate things.

    upload 2 wavs that show on a dupe folder, like one for each of those "Breaks" see we can have a look.

  • nxtseq
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    Tags was originally the problem early on. Then it seems like some of the wav files were corrupted. Thanks. The duplicate folders are solved as for now.

    New problem. I have a folder called "Percussion". It appears after the "Maschine 2" folders, and I can't scroll to it. I need to select it from the computer itself, and when I do that: If I NOW move my second knob to go back to one of the other folders, I can't go anywhere. It just seems like the Percussion folder lives in some sort of void, haha. I've tried changing the folder structure, name etc. (Check the photos for reference)

    These folders are located in my home / user folder (nxtseq/Audio/Samples Maschine). Maschine has Full Disk Access via Mac settings. Synced it via the Maschine settings (user library).

    Have tested these folders on the + standalone with no problem this only happens in the software.

    Sorry for the large images, does the forum have a way to auto scale these ?

    FIGURE 1: CAN'T SCROLL TO "PERC" (Yeah I renamed it to Perc)





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