New road map updated for 02/2023.

Active List,

  1. Apple silicon/M1/M2, (Could this be a gateway to an iPad version of Traktor Pro)
  2. Pattern Player - Persistency of Customs pattern
  3. Flexible Beat Grid - (hopefully like Deckadance DJ would be a game changer, my opinion)
  4. Surprise Feature - Supporting a fairer music ecosystem. 👀 (This is interesting)


  • Sûlherokhh
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    I really don't like surprises. And what's fair, really. 🦋

  • Demus
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  • lord-carlos
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    With the rate of one roadmap item per 4 month the current roadmap will also reach into 2024 😎

  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 189 Advisor

    an important topic. Since they shared it with us after a long time, we should examine it very well and reveal the details. I would like to approach the solvent after all.

    1- When I look at the overall picture, it shows that they are very slow to keep small projects so separate. and it shows that their future plans consist of those in this picture. I see this message from here, I think they don't invest much in version 3. there is or will be 4 in the background.

    2- When I look at the table again and consider the speed of the company, I think that the active part will take 3 months, the upcoming part will take 6 months, and the priorities part will take almost 1 year. keep in mind that the projects are constantly being postponed and the order is changing.

    3- They are very interested in the "pattern player" effect. I think they want a simple rhythm generation like in rmx1000. I must say that it is more advanced and productive than the rmx1000. They will insist on keeping this feature paid. The fact that this job is on fx like a new deck attracts their attention. I remember from very old years, there was a time when the pattern player logic made the beats out of the music's own sounds. I think this will get there in the future.

    Also, I couldn't understand the Persistency of custom pattern feature. I leave the interpretation of this to you.

    4- I saw that m1/m2 support was talked about a lot. I think an important topic of the community will be shelved and very soon.

    5- I agree with @lord-carlos's comment on iZotope Fx, the project has been shelved. I think things are very difficult with the partner company they bought. There must be a reason behind it. We can understand this in the order of importance of the stem project.

    6- stem project is the biggest issue in the sector. The company suffered a lot by not bringing it. it seems that the company has not left its techno profile. They think users don't care about the stem feature. also persistently in the paid class. Here we need to understand the message that the subscription system will be permanent no matter what the community thinks. We should accept the techno focus and the subscription system or look for other avenues if it is not suitable for you. As spoken in all communities, the perceptions of Traktor Pro rising again are not correct. Traktor pro will continue on its own special line.

    I don't know much about the 7- high DPI scanners project but I think it has something to do with my flickering screen. The most glaring issue that has caused us pain yet has been put at the end. I respect it, but it means they're too slow.

    8- I don't know how the flexible beatgrids project came about, although it didn't fit the techno profile, it managed to stay in the active section. Considering that it is in the research phase, it will come towards the end of the 3-month period.

    9- I left the most exciting item for last. There is an item called "surprise feature" project. When we read the subtitle, it says "supporting fairer music ecosystem". I do not expect a new effect or feature from the sentence here. The word ecosystem may describe the compatibility of the company's own software or hardware. One of the most important hardware is the maschine device and its software. this detail fits with the company's techno profile on the road line. Still, I'm curious about your spies.

    When I examine the table they shared with us, I make such comments. After this sharing, we will be with us for a long time. I'm curious to see your comments.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,302 Expert

    9- I left the most exciting item for last. There is an item called "surprise feature" project. When we read the subtitle, it says "supporting fairer music ecosystem". I do not expect a new effect or feature from the sentence here. 

    Bandcamp integration would be hella nice.

    But I bet it's something like pattern player sounds from 😴

    Though then again some fresh remix decks connected to might also be cool. We will see.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,649 mod

    It could be a free version of Pattern Player - I hope so - I suggested it in latest beta thread and think it would be fair to have a lite version of the PP.

  • Robert080
    Robert080 Member Posts: 10 Member

    How much it's really useful the patter player since it hasn't a volume regulation? Actually it seems also unable to be assigned to a channel and be easyle managed in a live situation. I remember that Traktor 3 got a Recorder, a Pattern Player and a third similar feuture but all of them are still incomplete. I hope they are also planning some new hardware.

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro

    Traktor 4 could be in development over the Traktor dj2 universal app (it had all the missing features people asked over years… and lacked all Traktor Pro have).

    Also continuing with standalone hardware could be a possibility but NI missed the opportunity to call it T+ since that reads as “Traktor plus”. Once again instead merging technologies they seem keeping them isolated.

    About stems… well I don’t expect anything relevant and it will land in plus subscription so… who cares?

    Traktor was relevant, abandoned and now lost (with lazy roadmaps losing items btw) but what’s more important… where’s going djing itself?

    Djworx close and nobody (interesting almost for Mark) wanted to buy it.

    Djtechtools lost the plot after Social Media inception.

    Digitaldjtips is just a school with a blog trying to sell courses for wanabees (IMO and it’s ok btw)

    Where is the action? Yt? IG?

    Soundcloud? Mixcloud?

    PreCovid scene wasn’t recovered and other menaces come to makes us wonder about music creation or djing, isn’t it?

    Sorry to sound dramatic but NI is a reflection of our decadent field (and world).

  • Kayya
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    @Stevan is a good idea, congratulations. They seem to want to establish stability in subscription issues.

    @lord-carlos detail never occurred to me. They may want to connect to their platform. With this, they can make the subscription system look rich. But this workload will be too much for them.

    The password is clear; fair music and ecosystem 😊

  • lord-carlos
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    edited March 2023

    oh wow, someone on discord found this;

    Aslice proposes a fairer music ecosystem for DJs

    Same wording as the roadmap.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,302 Expert

    Assign pattern player to an empty deck, control the volume. Easy.

    But what has that to do with aslicer?

  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 189 Advisor

    Can you introduce us to this a little bit? It looks very interesting.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,302 Expert

    Just reading from the website and thinking how it could be implemented in traktor:

    • Get on gig
    • Get paid 1000 EUR
    • Traktor will upload the set playlist to AssLice
    • You enter that you got paid 1000 EUR and are willing to give 5% from it to the artists
    • AssLice distributes the money shared to producers played in set.

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