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When I open Maschine 2, I get the below screen with my MK3 connected.

When I click on the activate button, Maschine closes and nothing happens. Maschine is showing as installed and active in Native Access.

Uninstalling and re-installing Maschine and Native Access does not rectify the issue.

I confirmed my maschine license is also active on the NI website.

This just started happening today.

This occurs in Standalone, VST3, and VST2.


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  • myalteredsoul
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    Updated the subject cause this is happening with every Native Instruments plugin I own now. Is there a download link to the older version of Native Access anywhere? I need to get some work done and my NI tickets are going unanswered.

  • myalteredsoul
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    When I try to manually enter serial numbers in Native Access it just spins and then freezes before crashing. I see other posts of users not being able to access their purchases on here and Reddit, so guess I’m not the only one. Hope y’all get this fixed soon.

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    I see that you were able to contact our support but managed to fix it by your own by modifying the Windows registry. You mention something in the original ticket, yet I can't see it. What did solve your issue in the end?

  • myalteredsoul
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    Answer ✓

    When updating Native Access, there were duplicate entries in the registry. I uninstalled Native Access, then used a powershell script to search the registry and remove all Native Access Entries. Then I re-installed Native Access.

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