Traktor 3.6.1 Crash - Collection doubles in size

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Hi all,

tried to make another playlist yesterday and have some weird crashes going on.

Traktor started fine, I made a new playlist for my set and the tried to search a specific Label.

The search didn't show any results although the Label is in my collection.

After that, Traktor just freezed. So, restarting Traktor and it took ages till it started (10 Minutes on an i5 - 8GB - Win10)

I tried several times but I could not get Traktor to work, so I simply reinstalled it.

After reinstallaton another 2 freezings, so no chance, the suddenly it works fine, BUT ALL MY COLLECTION is gone.

On searching for my backup-collection I notice, that since it started freezing, the size of the Collection DOUBLED every time I could close Traktor normally.

So it started yesterday with about 600 MB, 30 minutes later I have a Backup of 1.2 GB and in the root Dir the original collection was renamed to "invalid" cause it was 2.4 GB

I added no songs, just tried to get my Traktor running.

I now try to import my backup-collection and it shows something of 1.9 hours befor the collection is imported?

Can someone please help?



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    Just checked again, there is something badly wrong with my Traktor 3.6.1.

    Since the upgrade on 07.09.2022 my collection-filesize grew from about 8 MB constantly to over 2 GB.

    I co-checked my Traktor 3.6.0 and older Version Backups and all files are around 8 MB

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    Hi @LXNDRTYLR Not sure we've received a similar report before. I've created a support ticket for you so we can have a closer look. Our support team will get back to you by email.

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    @Kaiwan_NI Thanks a lot, I already opened a ticket on this topic (3463781) and already send the Supporttool Output.

    I did further testing and it gets weirder.

    I ran Traktor 3.6.0 from the backupfolder, where all backup-collections where about 8MB big.

    I opened the last working collection from 3.6.1 and it worked .... until I closed Traktor? collections.nml went to 9MB .. so i opened and closed Traktor 3.6.0 two more time without doing anything in Traktor. Collection.nml ist now 18 MB.

    Funny thing is, if I compare both collection.nml (9MB and 18MB) with notepad++ they are the same by code, both are 64770 lines and everything seems identical. Still double size.

    I then moved those two nml to another computer to see if my Traktor-Laptop has issues, but the filesize is the same as above (9MB and 18 MB), but on comparison there, also the code is the same.

    I will install another instance of Traktor on the other PC tomorrow and see, if it behaves the same there.

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    I reported the same 3 days before here as well:

    Since I had a lot of crashes as well, that might as well be the cause for the (seemingly exponentially) growing collection nml file...

    Would be grand to get rid of both, the regular crashing that seemed to have snuck in, as well as the unexplainable increase in collection size.


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    Same here, storing the collection on Traktor close takes longer and longer and the filesize of the collection.nml nearly doubles every time.

    I compared a smaller and a large collection.nml from the same collection without adding new playlists or songs with notepad++. Funnily both files have the same code, same number of lines, everything identical, just the filesize keeps growing

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    @alec.tron ... I found some wiered code in my collection.nml. 3 jingles had a VOLUME-tag filled with /////////////////////////

    So like VOLUME="///////////////////////////////////////////////// <hundrets more>

    I deleted the complete section from <ENTRY till </ENTRY>, saved the collection.nml and it went back to normal size.

    Will test further if this solves the problem

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    YES, this solves the problem.

    Simply delete the complete Entries (from <ENTRY-Tag to </ENTRY>-TAG,

    save the collection.nml

    Start Traktor and check the collection for consistancy

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    I have this issue too.

    I followed the above and deleted the entry including about 2mb of / symbols, the file had doubled in size with every backup staring back in September.

    The behaviour was exactly as was described at the top of the thread with searches not working.

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    I am in the BETA group, and 3.6 Beta behaved suspiciously already when it was saving my Collection, instead of 3 minutes it was taking 5+ and accessing my hard-drives (something it has NO business doing, since I am simply saving an XML file on an SSD and also something it never normally does). Instinctively I shut down the process and have not touched 3.6 since....

    Well it seems like my worries were absolutely on the money, seeing the behaviours you describe! Unacceptable... Check out link below, lots of people having problems with corrupt collections.

    And they want you to pay monthly to destroy your collection and your Traktor experience. I doubt they fixed the scrollbar issue (it disappears after a certain # of tracks in collection) so there is no need for me to take a risk. Good thing I have been saving a lot of the Traktor Installs because v3.5.3 is where you want to be.

    Remember it took them over a year to fix when Traktor was importing tracks in random order rather than in a row... a YEAR!

    Thanks for your info and keep the rest of us posted!

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  • Oxy
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    "been saving a lot of the Traktor Installs because v3.5.3 is where you want to be"

    Can you upload this somewhere? Would be dying to get a hold of a version without the corruption problem. It was 2 years of work that I lost and ever since, it's a 50/50 change it happens again with every closing down of Traktor. Playing home with my complete collection has become such a pain and quite frankly I have given up on organizing it in playlists again because of the corruption issue.

  • Christos V
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    Hello i have exaclty the same problem.

    Every time i close traktor is doubles the size of my collection file untill it gets very big without add smth new.

    After that, traktor ( 3.6.2) can't open. It crashes.

    I deleted last bugged collections but it still does the same thing when i open and close traktor without add smth new!

    I can't work on my playlists and add new songs!

    I also CAN'T lose my collection and build this playlists from zero cause it would take me months!

    Pls help me.

    I cant install older version cause i bought traktor 20 days before and i only have the latest version at my backup files.

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    @Christos V

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Like said above you need to:

    1) open the collection.nml (under Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor<latest version> and this is sometime challanging because normal Texteditors can not handle huge files.

    2) search the Volume-Tags for stuff like mentioned above => VOLUME="////

    3) delete the complete <ENTRY></ENTRY> section where the search matches (step 2)

    4) Save the collection and done

    IF you can not find an editor that can handel these huge files on Windows, ask a friend that has a Linux computer and MidnightCommander or Nano ;)

    Now, Happy Holidays

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