[bug/s] Traktor 3.6.1 - Collection size increase & observations

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Since there's no bug report forum anymore, not sure where to post these... so here it goes.

After updating the previous 3.6 release candidate beta to the latest 3.6.1 release (via NativeAccess 1 - a note here: please bring back the change log - that is now empty for the 3.6.1 release in NA...), there's been a fair few issues.

Among the issues:

  • load/shut down times have multiplied (by a factor 5-10 ish... and a bit of digging revealed that the collection .nml, that used to be 70mb for me, is 1309mb (1.3 GB...) now... this probably explains the increase in load times as well. What it doesn't explain is why this has been multiplied in size after the 3.6.1 update...)
  • within a few days use, regular crashes on start up and shut down have been occuring. With an S4 mk3 as well as connected to an A10 and phono thru setup. (Switching setups, i.e. from S4 to A10 seems to have confused the system a fair bit)
  • grabbing the old 70mb nml file, this seems to have fixed most of the crashing. I'll just test & see, and if not usable, roll back to the previous 3.6 and wait for a new release...




  • lord-carlos
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    I notice it takes significant longer to closer traktor. I will take a look at the size when I'm home.

  • lord-carlos
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    Just checked on my system, collection size has not changed.

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    Have the same Problem. Will try the rollback too and watch the size with 3.6.1

    It seems to be the nml-format. Older collections on Traktor 3.5.3 run fine.

    I also compared my collections with same songs and playlists, one size 8MB, the other 600MB after storing the colelction multiple times on notepad++. The code is identical. Very strange

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    I compared my collection.nml a second time under Linux with "diff" and found some strange VOLUME-Tags with a lot of slashes (VOLUME="///////////////////////////) this slashes got more after closing everytime. deleting the whole <ENTRY>-</ENTRY> of those songs (in total 3) all works fine again.

  • markosd
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    I had the same problem. I'm on 3.6.2 and not sure if it happened before or after but my collections file was over 6gb with less than 1000 tracks!! 😳

    Inspecting the file (using BBEdit) I found that most of the file was full of repeated backslashes.

    I used BBEdit to do a find and replace on a very long string of backslashes "////////.... etc" and replaced it with a single backslash (TIP: Keep searching for a progressively larger string until you find one that's not in the middle of a filename. After finding the right size string, did a replace all and saving the file my new collection file it was 39MB and opened successfully and quickly.

    Saving the my collection from inside traktor doubled the file size and I've tried a few more times and each time on edit saving is really slow and the file size doubles again (also really slow on the exit despite running on the latest MacBook Air M2).

    Guess this is a bug in the way the file is generated and hopefully we can have a fix soon. Will roll back my version I guess but unsure which version this was first introduced in.

  • crimmer
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    Also seeing the same issue on 3.6.2 on win11. Collection .nml seems to double each time I open and close. Approaching 3gb and Traktor crashes.

    Looks like I've lost some playlists if I roll back as I'm not sure I want to use the most recent nml files.

    Hopefully the fix will include a script to revert existing collections to a normal size.

  • Oxy
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    Yes. large collection over a network drive. Used to work fine but since 3.6 the library corrupts 50% of the time. I'm getting pissed off.

  • alec.tron
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    This I would consider an urgent issue.

    Did anyone submit this via an official bug report ? I honestly can't be arsed anymore.

    On the good side - I have not seen this in 3.7 - so this might be fixed... then again, it might not be. Who knows...


  • Christos V
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    Hello , I have the same problem

    Is there any solution??

    Each time i open and close traktor my collection getting oversized more and more for no reason until it crashes and finally can't open traktor.

    I deleted the bugged collections , it worked but still having the same problem!!

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