Komplete Kontrol plugin to use track color for keyboard LEDs

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Komplete Kontrol when used in the DAW environment (eg Ableton Live) is a great tool but it would be awesome to have one small feature to be implemented into it: it should use the tracks color for the keyboard LEDs when the instrument itself does not have any coloring (like battery with slot colors etc). This would be a great improvement since the KK is often used on many tracks when used inside a DAW.

This is how I would imagine it to work:

  • assumption 2 tracks in Live; #1 colored Red - #2 colored Green
  • both have Komplete Kontrol plugin loaded with some synth eg Massive
  • currently if you change tracks with the KK keyboard the LEDs stays always blue -> you need to read from the display which track you are controlling
  • suggested: when KK focus is on Live track #1 -> LEDs would be Red (and when changed to track #2 -> LEDs would change to Green)

I've tried to find a way to hack this with the Ableton Live's MIDI remote scripts but I assume this is done inside Komplete Kontrol code so it is impossible to do with the integration scripts. But in case someone knows a way - please let me know! :)


  • Tony Jones
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    Presumably each DAW does this differently and the plugins on a track may not see that setting as it’s for the GUI?

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