How To Fix Saving Error in Vst Plugin Raum ? / kann in Raum keine Presets speichern !

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Hi ,

Whenever i try to save a created preset in Raum Plugin ( Vst 2 or 3 ) a Pop up comes up and tells the following :

HI , wann immer ich nen Preset im Vst Plugin Raum speichern möchte , kommt immer folgende Fehlermeldung ! :

I de-installed the Plugin already a few times and also the additional stuff from raum and re-install it again , but it dosent help

i use the latest Version of Raum 1.2.2

Ich hab schon mehrmals das Plugin deinstalliert und die dazugehörigen Order usw gelöscht , und wieder installiert ,aber es hilft alles nichts :(

Ich nutze die aktuellste Version von Raum > V 1.2.2

kann einer vllt helfen ?

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  • Uwe303
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    It looks like you use fl studio, on what os? Normally raum saves presets without any problems, have you tried different names?

  • Trancemaster84
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    Hi Uwe yes i use fl Studio , but the saving Issue comes only with RAUM ! my other Plugins like Replica and Replica XT works well and fine without any trouble in terms of Saving Presets there . and no matter what i type into the Saving Presets Name Field , just a R or A e.g the Saving Error pops up anyway 🤷‍♂️

  • Trancemaster84
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  • Eddie_NI
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    Hi @Trancemaster84,

    could you please make sure that the user preset folder for Raum exists and that you have read and write access to this folder?

    It should be here C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Raum



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    @Trancemaster84 We didn't get any feedback on this issue from you for quite a while, we'll close this post now. If you still need assistance, you can get in touch here:

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