Having to relocate every item after reinstalling Windows

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Hey there,

Due to some issues with my Computer I had to reinstall my Windows 10 and of course reinstall Native Access and that stuff.

After first opening Native Acess I was shocked that I have to either reinstall everything, or relocate every item in the content manager itself even though I backed up all of those libraries and programs in my folder that I set in my preferences in native access.

Isn't there an easier way to do this, or do I really have to relocate every item by itself?

It really is a bummer since I'm very short with time and have more than over 300 items that have to clicked in Native Access. Pleas help me out.


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    unfortunately there is no better way, i have to do the same procedure next month, and i will simply download everything over night and let it install without me watching it.


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