I cant find my music in different folders in the search box until I browse in their folders

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My first time here, I apologize for any vocabulary mistakes as I am using the translator.

My question is the following, even having all my songs analyzed and imported to the collection, I can't find songs in other folders through the search field until I browse the folder where it is, so traktor seems to analyze all the songs in folder and adds them to the database for searching.

How do I disable this scan that traktor does on all songs in each folder when accessing that folder? Why doesn't traktor find the songs through the search because they are already analyzed?



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    I am not sure if i understand your question correctly, but I'll give it a try.

    First, you need to manually add all your music folders in "Preferences -> File Management -> Music Folders".

    This is very important, because after that, Traktor knows where to look for music (it is best if you have one major folder, for example D:\Music -or whatever you like).

    Then, if you don't want Traktor to analyze them (btw i wonder why? this is extremely useful and you only do it once!) you should go to the same page as before "Preferences -> File Management -> Music Folders" and disable the option "Analyze new imported tracks".

    Hope that helps!

    EDIT: Also keep in mind that "search" means, searching inside Traktor database only and NOT your entire system!

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    Thanks for the help, but that's not the point. My question is about traktor not finding my songs by searching different sub folders until I browse them. Example: My music collection has 10 folders, I am currently in folder "A", and if I type the name of a song in the search that is in folder "F" traktor doesn't find it until I browse the folder through the left menu , because it does that quick scan through each folder and it seems like it adds the songs to the search database. I don't know if I was clear now

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    • are you sure that you have add all those tracks on Traktor database?
    • do you search in the Traktor database?

    When you search for a track, you need to search on the database (or in the playlists), NOT in the music folders!

    Note: You must first add ALL your music to the Traktor database otherwise the program can not find anything

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