Do I need a new licence transfer for used Maschine, if I have account NI Kompl Kontrol ?

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Hi! I'm new in NI, I have keyboard KK S61 mk1, account, everything KK soft downloaded ok, and want to buy used Maschine micro mk3 to use together with KK. So, do I need an another licence transfer from previous owner (maschine), or it's enougth to enter serial number from kontroller maschine mk3? Thank you for help. Greetings from Ukraine!


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    It'll be better if the previous owner transfers their license to you, however this isn't required. If they don't do this then you'll need to contact NI support who can resolve this issue for you. Basically the hardware will be transferred to your account and both accounts get to use the Maschine software.

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    Humm.. I don't think NI forces transfers if the original owners does not want to do it for some reason, they offer a way to purchase a license cheaper, that's all, afaik.

    If the previous owner does the transfer he also gets to keep the license, so both users will have it, so there is really no reason not to transfer. I would not buy a used Maschine controller with no SW if you don't already own a license or if the seller is not willing to transfer.

    @Jeremy_NI is the best person to answer this question accurately, he should reply Monday.

    Stay safe out there.

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    There is a lot of information covered here:

    You would still need to get the hardware serial transferred to your account but if you're struggling to get this sorted with the owner, our account team can help:

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    Thank you! Everything ok!

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