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If you want to learn more about license transfer, our knowledge base includes all the information you need.

Important note about software / hardware bundle:

Selling a hardware / software bundle (like a TRAKTOR KONTROL S3, MASCHINE MK3 or KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard) is as easy as selling a single software product. You can unregister the hardware in your user account and will receive a License Transfer ID that you can pass to the new buyer. After the buyer has imported the License Transfer ID to their own account, they will receive the same software bundle as you, the original owner.

In short, this means that the seller keeps the software that came with the hardware - and the new owner receives it as well. This way, all potential upgrade paths, that are based on that software, stay intact.

๐Ÿšจ Please note that there are a few exceptions with older products. For these products, the software license shows a tag that the license has to be transferred to the new user by our Account Support team

Additional resources:

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Please keep in mind that questions about license transfer need to be directed to our account support teams, available on our website here:

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