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Search In Playlist feature does not show smartlists why? (Traktor Version

When using the search in playlist feature it only shows regular playlists and never shows smartlists. Smartlist are so convenient, and the search in playlist feature was so helpful, now rendered useless.



  • MrCee
    MrCee Member Posts: 25 Sine

    Just to confirm, this was working and now is not?

    I'm interested to know what version of Traktor were you running when you last saw this work?

    In my humble opinion, Smartlists need a lot more development before they become fully functional for DJs that require complex conditions. I'd like to provide as much feedback as I can to NI for this to occur, so if you have seen this work in the past I'll test it out.

  • TarcoBless
    TarcoBless Member Posts: 6 Sine

    Yes, it used to work, and now with the updates, it no longer functions for smartlist, I will have to go through the last couple of updates to find out when last it worked, and I have no idea how to dial back updates. please keep me informed as to your progress.

  • Dj pako
    Dj pako Member Posts: 24 Sine
    edited February 3

    Until version 3.4 the smartlists were displayed. This changed from version 3.5 onwards. I have made a post here: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/10066/search-in-playlists-smartlists-improvement#latest and I suggest a better way to display the lists. If it gathers 30 likes, maybe someday they will do it.

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