(MacOS Monterey & Ventura) Battery 4 not saving states in Cubase project

dreikelvin Member Posts: 17 Member

I am wondering if other people here have encountered this issue before. It started last summer when I moved to a new mac (studio) with Monterey on it and Cubase 12

Opening older projects and working in them I noticed that every time I saved my project, the Battery 4 instance I had my custom kits loaded would not retain the modifications I made to it before saving the Cubase project.

I promptly contacted NI support and they assured me to fix this issue.

Well, now it is half a year later and we already have the VST3 compatibility which I hoped would be the version that includes a fix for that - but nothing.

Battery 4 is still not saving/reading the settings when opening up a project in Cubase. Why is fixing this taking so long?



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