How to make Battery remember sample locations?

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Hi there,

I'm having an issue with Battery in one of my projects.

Basically, I had to switch systems in the middle of a project and now Battery keeps forgetting the location of samples every time I close the project, expecting them on my old machine. It asks me to locate the files which I can do successfully but then it just chooses to forget all about it the next time I open it, also forgetting all the output routing when it locates the files. I have tried resaving all kits as monoliths, but Battery just refuses to remember anything. Is there any way at all that I can make Battery remember the new file location, and if not, why would that not be the standard behavior in the first place?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since this is making my life very difficult right now.

I'm on a 2020 M1 Mac mini and the project is running in Rosetta mode. DAW is Cubase Pro 12.

Many thanks

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