three keys have stopped working

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Hi there

Some time ago I bought an m32 and it worked perfectly, last year after my uncle's death I put music aside and even though I was a fool who didn't know where or how to learn, after a break I decided to take it up again. But when I went back to it at the end of last year I discovered that three notes no longer make input (the fifth white key from the right, the 6 white from the right and the second black from the right). Nothing has ever been spilled on it, and I have always cleaned up the dust.

I don't know what to do!!!

Thank you


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  • Matt_NI
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    You might have to check with our hardware support directly on this one, especially if you don't see any midi triggered when pressing the keys.

    If it needs an exchange or a repair, they'll be able to help immediately. You can email the team here:


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