NI/ Komplete 13 VST 2 not showing in Ableton 11.2.7 on M1

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Hi I was wondering if anyone else has been having trouble with this.

I'm running Abelton 11.2.7 on a M1 system. I've got K13 Ultimate and cannot get VST 2 to show up. I have tried reinstalling, customer folders and total rescan. According to NI Komplete should be able to run native on Silicon now. Haven't found a solution yet :(.



  • Kymeia
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    Not all NI products support Apple Silicon (or VST3) yet - eg Reaktor, so to load those you need to run Live in Rosetta mode still. If you only want to run the M1 native NI products like Kontakt 7 or Massive X be aware that only the VST3 is available, because VST2 is not supported on Apple Silicon.

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