Itunes library with accents in songs not working since 3.5.3

Guys, so I am having a weird problem.

Since version 3.6, Traktor seems to not be able to find the location of songs with accents. I use a lot of latin music and there are accents.

Version 3.5.3 works fine, but since then NI did something and now the problem appears.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I did start a support ticket, but after weeks and weeks of messaging back and forth, is kind of evident that they dont know. They keep asking me to "clean my library", "change them from drive", "errase and re-import". Stuff liek that, but every single time that I use the same setup, with version 3.5.3 it all works fine.

Any ideas or experiences?


  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 293 Pro

    Update to TP 3.7.1

  • husbeat
    husbeat Member Posts: 2 Member

    Thank you for your answe c0nsul, I have already done that.

    Im on 3.7.1 337 but the same behaviour that 3.6 is here regarding this issue.

  • Patch
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    I ree we moved all non-ASCII characters from my library a while ago using one of the actions here:

    Unicode to ASCII - General Discussion - Mp3tag Community

  • Markovicz
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    edited February 2023

    This bug has been acknowledged, and it is being worked on. From the 3.8.0 Public Beta forum:

    Known Issues that we’re working on :

    • Tracks containing diacritics can’t be loaded via iTunes on Windows

    So for the time being, please stick with 3.5.3 and keep an eye on the beta forum.

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