assign CC or automation to button of STRADIVARI VIOLIN

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hi all

Currently it is not possible to assign the CON SORDINO button to a CC or automation parameter.

So I wonder if I could deep-dive into the instrument and make the button available to automation or assign a CC directly. Is there any tutorial on this ?

It seems that is just triggers the EQ on/off. So I need a way to assign a CC to the BYPASS function of the EQ2:


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    I guess thats what you want. Good luck!

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    btw, I may be wrong, but I don't think you can automate those parameters

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    You can do it but it's a fiddle. And you'll need 2 cc#s to control it.

    Modulate the EQ with 2 new modulators: External Sources/constant, one each to modulate Gain 1 and Gain 2. Invert the 2nd one (to reduce the Gain). Automate each intensity slider with a separate cc#.

    Adjust each intensity slider with your cc controller, while holding on a note, so that the little yellow light in each Gain knob is exactly at 12 o'clock (Gain will then be zero). Make a note of the 2 cc values needed to achieve this.

    Setting the 2 ccs to the values you have noted will reduce the 2 Gains to 0, effectively disabling the EQ. Setting them to 0 will give you back the muted sound.

    Told you it was a fiddle.

    A second and possibly better alternative: get a decent instrument that has proper sordini samples instead of messing with EQ.

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