Is a license transfer needed when gifting a Maschine MK3 to a current Mikro MK3 user?

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I'd like to hook up a friend with my MK3 at an alarmingly low price. He's already a Mikro MK3 user. Is it necessary to do a license transfer? I upgraded to a Maschine+. Also, would a transfer effect any purchases that I made or earned when I originally got the MK3?


  • D-One
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    Technically no but you really should do the transfer so he owns the full library and extra software that comes with the MK3.

    It won't affect you in any way, you will also keep the SW stuff, when transferring both the old user and the new get to keep the licenses. I am only a bit unsure about crossgrades, did you buy anything like Komplete thru a crossgrade discount?

  • MatrixxSoundlab
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    I ask because I recently purchased a used Komplete Kontrol S49 and with the license transfer I inherited some expansions that the seller must have purchased. I didn't want to lose any expansions.

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