Lost access to Massive X and Reaktor 6 after 2.16 update on M1 Mac

Max Trau
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I just updated Maschine to 2.16 on my M1 Apple Mini.

In the process, i lost access to Massive X, wich appears not to be compatible, and Reaktor 6 as well. For me, that means that pretty much all of my current project are unavailable, as i rely heavily on Massive X (active on all my current projects, actually).

I had no idea of that before making the update, the mail just mentioning :

"The update you’ve been waiting for. MASCHINE 2.16 and KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.8 bring full Apple Silicon support for M1 processors, plus VST3 hosting. 

Update today via Native Access 2."

I tried some workaround, like running 2.15 (i had a copy), running 2.16 in Rosetta (stuck on scanning VSTs on startup), none worked.

I am a Maschine user since around 2012, had barely anything to complain about since (beside the poor handling of automation, but ic can cope with it)

As of now, i can't use Maschine anymore. I am pissed off, to say the least.

Is there a workaround, can NI give a schedule on Massive X and Reaktor AS compatibbility ?


  • Max Trau
    Max Trau Member Posts: 33 Member

    I managed to solve the problem, but still pissed off by two things :

    • The lack of warnings regarding the compatibility of Massive X and Reaktor (two major NI plugins) with AS and Maschine 2.16 in native mode
    • therefore, the fact that we have to still run Maschine in Rosetta
    • 2 solid hours of my life lost solving an issue that should'nt have happened, and the angst to have lost dozens of work hours in my past projects

    For all the good work of NI on the products i use (Maschine, Maschine Jam, Komplete Kontrol and many plugins), i still am angry for the poor handling of the transition to M1 Mac.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Max Trau sorry to hear it's not clear from our email that you won't be able to run non-native VSTs on Maschine after the update. We have this article here on our support page but I agree it's a not very visible:

    Some VST Plug-ins Are Not Loading in KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.8 / MASCHINE 2.16 on Apple M1 Systems

    We'll pass on your feedback to the team.

  • Jaheid19
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    Hell. I couldn't even find the article on the main support page. I can never find the most recent article from support.

    I feel your pain a bit. I've been waiting months for this update to stop crashes when browsing on an Apple Intel computer. I feel for you guys that invested in a new computer. Too much trouble shooting to do something you expect to be simple.

  • Tomacius
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    NI is lacking a good manager who really is focused on user experience. I am disappointed on how many times I had to stop doing what I was doing to start searching and reading info to solve actual software and company problems. If I wanted to read I'll take a book.

    I'm really upset at this company. Never thought to consider selling my Komplete s61 and Maschine Mk3 but I'm at that point now.

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