How come when I select a tile under User it unselects

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I have a bunch of user sample collections in my Content screen. But when I move the encoder to select one other than the first top 3, the selector just moves back to the first one. Preventing me from selecting it from the hardware. This only happens when attempting to select one from the hardware. I can select it without issue in the Maschine 2 application. Anyone else dealt with this issue before? How do I fix it?


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    For all who are watching this thread. Support was able to provide a working solution to my issue. Turns out that the sample files that were not allowing me to set a Vendor on were corrupted somehow straight from the sample provider I purchased them from. All I needed to do was export each of them as a new wav file and overwrite the ones in the directory. Then I was able to set the Vendor to NI. No more "Other" Vendor tile AND no more selection jumping back to the first row either when in "All Vendors" mode.



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