Komplete Kontrol MK3, any updates about new models to be realeased soon?



  • Braz
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    I wont buy a $800+ device where there maybe will be a future integration with the ecosystem, that existed on the previous model.

    Especially knowing NI record on that topic.

    But that's probably just me.

  • Kymeia
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    No I get that, I guess it's a matter of perspective. To me Maschine never felt that well integrated with KK keyboards or synths because it blocked aftertouch, which I use a lot as a keyboard player, so I very rarely used the Machine software with the keyboard anyway and those buttons just did nothing for me (which is why to be honest I didn't even register they were missing). With the new keyboards placing aftertouch even more centre stage I think at the moment that limitation in Maschine sticks out even more, and I would hope NI address this either in a new software update (ideally) or the next gen of Maschine if and when that comes.

    Also I don't own a hardware Maschine, but I suspect if I did I would use that on its own just as a beat/audio construction tool and still not need the keyboard integration. However I appreciate we are all different.

  • AntonA1
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    I'm just dropping in to thank @Kymeia for his perseverance in asking for MPE over so many years (and finally getting it)!

  • Kymeia
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    Thankyou :) There are a lot of other things I've been asking for as well, some of them we got also over the years, some still hopefully we will get at some point.

  • guithaman
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    After a recommended native access update today, I was no longer able to load session guitarist deluxe mint and older libraries into komplete kontrol. The libraries apparently only work with the latest kontakt 7.6. I have at least 30 sessions in which these sounds essentially have to run. I am a professional and rely on it What's going on with native? To take such a serious negative step. If there is no improvement and correction of the functions in complete control, I will remove all my software from native, there are enough other alternatives for me!

  • JesterMgee
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    Updates are always optional and it's more recommended to make sure you have a backup of your system if you rely on it for professional work, to roll back to in the event something does not work. Sometimes things in life don't always work so you need to have patience to figure things out. May also be more appropriate to post a new thread instead of posting an issue in an unrelated thread. Did you install Kontakt 7.6?

    Otherwise if you feel it is more feasible to replace all the instances of all the NI instruments in all your projects with something else because you have hit an issue, that is your prerogative I guess but seems a little extreme.

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