Komplete Kontrol MK3, any updates about new models to be realeased soon?

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Hi there,

I see some of the komplete kontrol keyboard series were released 5 years ago.

Is there any official confirmation of new models arriving this year?

Would be great they have new features like MPE or CV Outs.

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  • JesterMgee
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    No confirmation there are any new models in the works and the only way you will find out is if/when they are announced/released. NI don't usually leak anything about anything!

  • myalteredsoul
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    It would be nice to see a version drop with aro, scales, and lighting feedback onboard as opposed to needing the Komplete plugin running. Currently the Novation SL MK3 is killing the game without any competitors.

  • Nico_NI
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    We're not able to share information regarding potential upcoming keyboards. But I have to say CV/pitch/trigger outputs would be super welcome for a semi-modular approach.

  • RTR
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    Yes, this outputs would be great. But i would like much more a MPE keybed that can be integrated to kontakt 7 instruments, like roli did with equator.

  • remo
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    Would like to see an improved keybed on the Komplete Kontrol S88. I am still waiting to find an optimal Keyboard for the setup. Hopefully NI will continue the development of their keyboards. The amount of control you get with their Software is awesome.

  • high198
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    This, along with 16 Maschine like pads and dedicated buttons.

  • DrumsOrKeys1st
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    NI doesn't release much info about anything, which is great and terrible simultaneously.

    MIDI keyboard manufacturers are getting cheaper with the build quality as of late. Hopefully, NI doesn't take us there.

    Would like to see a joystick plus mod & pitch wheel combo, like Roland does.

    8 drum pads to avoid cannibalizing the Mikro.


  • gviio
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    It’s been said, but a version without the need for the KK software to be running to get anything out of it would be nice.

    As a controller for KK (or Machine or DAWs (to an extent)) the mkII is great.

    As a controller for Kontakt standalone, it’s useless.

    As a controller for external gear, it’s useless.

    Can't change midi channel without KK running. Can’t use the arp without KK running. Can’t use scales without KK running. Can’t use templates without KK running.

    For KK - it’s great.

    For everything else, I use my Arturia Keystep Pro… I’m not even sure why there’s midi ports on the back of the KK S mkII series keyboards.

    I'm not 100% sure the current mkII needs to be a mkIII to get what’s missing out of it. Probably just needs a separate controller software so we can set up and load templates and a firmware update to allow us to use the arp, scales etc when in midi mode when not connected over USB (ie when running as a midi controller with the 15A power supply plugged in). Currently, mine is a $1000 keyboard completely reliant on a plug-in running.

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    Thing I like to see this fall/winter on some of the upcoming products we might see:

    • The next Komplete Kontrol M-series portable keyboard really should have ports for eurorack control and midi out, light guide for sample libraries & step sequencer guide lights. Imagine a Keystep that also function with NI software via USB. Bluetooth and battery power would be nice too. Maybe sell this one in 37 keys config similar to the Keystep 37 - much better experience than 32.
    • A Maschine MK4 with touchscreen, otherwise pretty similar to the MK3
    • A proper Maschine standalone on batteries - maybe modular board like the Push 3 for upgradability.
    • A Komplete Kontrol S88 MK3 piano hammerweight keyboard - this time with a detachable display and control unit, buspowered over USB. Many S88 users put the unit beneath their desks, just makes sense to be able to put the display control unit via USB on your desk while the keybed with lightguide is beneath the desk. Current model you really have to move the keyboard out to access the controls - not practical over time. Faders would be nice, the knobs need to be way higher quality - current ones are abysmal. Same for Maschine. I also hope they use better industrial material (not the current rubbery dust magnet) and no expression strip where you rest your hand at the modulation wheel (what were they thinking!). The physical midi out port config and switching between software and hardware gear needs to improve considerably too. This would really make the next S88 stand out.

  • Toughcreek
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    I believe that the next installment of hardware will be to make up for the changes in software. I believe the merger between NI izotope and PA, will lead to a new and different version of Maschine software/DAW. I believe that it will be natural for them to try and make a DAW that builds on NI's instruments, Izotope's intelligent mix/master plugins and PA's analogue emulation techniques with build in TMT and intelligent mix on every channel.

    If I were them, I'd try to make a collective DAW-like "in the box" experience, where they provide a full ecosystem focusing on music makers and "bedroom producers" by utilizing AI and Workflow to knock out competition.

    So the new hardware will be controllers for the new software, more than updates to the existing versions they have.

  • Kymeia
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    See my comments here:


    Hopefully NI recently adding 'Poly Aftertouch' to the tags in Komplete Kontrol and Maschine is a nice clue for a new controller keyboard coming with poly aftertouch.

    I think it's obvious the next version will be HDPI, Kontakt 7's browser is clearly the 'template' for a new KK browser. I'm guessing this is one of the main reason's NI have been slow to implement this in the current KK

    What I do hope for are:

    Touch screens

    More knobs and mappable buttons

    Better saving/exporting for midi templates

    Flexible user pages (that can be reordered) and better support for user NKS authoring (including bank names, built in support for adding graphics and database files, and a more usable editor)

    Open up the ability to create sound previews and to remap controller pages for multiple NKS in one go


    MIDI 2

    MTS/ESP and broader micro tuning support (including custom tunings)

    Multis including multiple plugins and fx

    Saveable FX chains

    A proper FX version with full automation support

    Maschine to finally fully support any new NI keyboards (this means at the very least support for aftertouch)

  • maax555
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    Perhaps soon for the S61 MK3 as MK2 prices are low at the minute £430 new.

  • fabio machado van zeller
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    849 euros. It appeared on Google shopping yesterday, not anymore. I'm guessing it should be released this week

  • Maestro D.B. Music
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    I just peeped that on Instagram 5 minutes ago.

  • Kymeia
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    Check it out folks :)


    Poly Aftertouch

    Direct integration with Kontakt

    MIDI 2.0 compatible

    New generation of NKS 2 with more capable keyboard integration (with better on screen visualisation)

    Lightguide can be turned off and on from the keyboard

    MIDI settings in the keyboard

    Oh and Hypha is back :)

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