I swear, I know just drag-and-drop won't cut it...

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Kontakt 14 is out now. (Yay!)

But the external drive I'd been storing my samples and patches on is full and can't contain many more pieces of digital kit. (Boo!)

So today I got a new external drive, with five terabytes instead of one, and copied the "Shared" folder from the original drive to the freshly consecrated "Music Drive 2." (Yay!)

But none of the NI apps yet know to get their patches off "Music Drive 2". (Boo?)

Can anyone tell me if there's a fast (or at least efficient) way to make sure I point everything at the new library location, so nothing gets left behind?


  • Brad Yost
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    You could change the installation target in Native Access to point to the new drive, then rebuild the database files in Komplete Kontrol and Kontakt, and see if that helps.

  • Territan
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    Okay. I'm not proud of what I did. I don't think it was optimal, and it couldn't fix everything. But, I did it, and it looks like a staggering majority of it will hold.

    Kontakt 7 didn't show a way to "rebuild the database files" to relocate everything (at least, not one that I could find—when did I get so bad at this?), so I went ahead and did it manually. I had to see where the trouble was, so I disconnected the old drive. Then suddenly I saw every broken library in Native Access. (Yay?)

    For each library that showed the "Repair" icon, there was a choice to reinstall or relocate. I'd choose relocate, a dialog would appear showing where the library was expected, and give me a choice to find the library in a new place. I clicked to open the file dialog...

    And that's where I had one of my greater inefficiencies; it always opened to the previous location I'd chosen, so I'd have to go up a directory level, find the new folder, and so forth. And it was about to get worse as I'd have to keep scrolling the file dialog to find the folder later in the alphabet. It was tedious until I realized a trick.

    Fun fact: If you have a file dialog open, and you drag a folder from the Finder onto that file dialog, the dialog will change view to the folder you dragged onto it. So I had Native Access open on the left, and the list of folders in the preferred library location open on the right. I could click the Repair icon, click to Relocate, click to pick a new directory, drag the new directory onto the dialog, and click to approve the selection. I got through it a lot faster that way. The task was marginally less tedious when I only had to use the mouse, and ironically drag-and-drop came through for me after all.

    Especially on those Expansions. Oh gods, the Expansions...

    The only issue was the "for Maschine" libraries. I'd point the file dialog at the folders containing "Guitar Rig Pro Library for Maschine," "Rammfire for Maschine," "Traktor's 12 for Maschine," and "Reflektor for Maschine," and it would recognize none of them. This prompts a new question, which I may need a new thread for.

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