Collection Invalid - Traktor 3 Pro Plus 3.61.326


I am having big issues trying to keep any form of collection intact. Following the import of files to the collection (no errors), after restarting tractor, I am getting the dreaded collection invalid error.

Any help guys ....

Looking at the log:

2022-09-11 14:55:16 - WARNING: Could not read collection/playlist file:/Users/antvincent/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 3.6.1/collection.nml

2022-09-11 14:55:16 - ERROR: Error parsing XML: invalid character 0xFFFF in attribute value 'TITLE' at line 89756 column 748

screenshot of nml - what's causing the issue?



  • Vinney
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    edited September 2022

    Hi further from my last post - I decided to remove all the error ****** between the last </entry> before and first <entry modified> after.

    Once I have removed it - I noticed it was one file (highlighted here between two red tagged tunes:

    Having renamed the collection back to normal, Traktor is loading, however any ideas how I would further go about investigating why this mp3 is causing a problem - or is something more wider than that with Traktor?

    Any ideas?

  • Vinney
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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Vinney I've created a support ticket for you instead since this will need a closer look. We'll get back to you by email soon.

  • Vinney
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    thank you. Keen to support to get to the bottom of this.

  • Vinney
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    Mp3 repair appears to be the go to solution here - but never worked for me.

    XLM be parsing errors still without any rhyme or reason.

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