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    It sounds to me like NI would benefit heavily from developing for Linux. They've already had to work out the logistics of porting their stuff over for the Maschine+, so I don't see why they couldn't start making CLAP versions of their existing products to circumvent Steinberg's greed.

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    Hi Matt, Thanks for popping in, obviously Reaktor has a very invested and passionate user base. Is it possible to share with the team that we're starving for any updates, a development path..anything? In a world where new iterations, updates, and innovation are rapidly put to the market, the silence from such a large company is deafening.

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    Sorry for a late response, I read most of the thread but... alas.. seems I never responded so far.

    To be honest I wouldn't worry too much here; Reaktor has always been touted as one of the big three engines that is provided by Komplete: Kontakt, Reaktor & Guitar Rig. I don't see NI just ditching one of their Komplete flagship products just like that. Definitely not when seeing how active its community still is. Even the unofficial ones; the subreddit is decently active too despite Reaktor being a rather specific instrument.

    Which also brings us to... programming will always be something that doesn't appeal to everyone, no matter what you make it look like. You can see the same thing happening with modular synths. For example I'm a huge fan of devices like Reason's Complex-1 or U-HE's Bazille but it's been my experience so far that most people are more interested in the presets rather than patching something of their own. I think it's safe to say the same thing will apply to Reaktor as well, one way or the other it is a rather specific instrument after all; even "deeper" or more complex than modular.

    As for the GUI... have to disagree with you on that one. It's different, sure, but clunky?

    I mean... people have been complaining about the Live interface too for the past 10 years: it's too simplistic, it's too low-res, not intinuitive, and what not. Yet it's still easily one of the most used DAW's on the planet; it's even more than often used in official NI demos.

    Just because some program isn't getting frequent updates doesn't imply that it's dead or forgotten...

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    Reaktor is very diff'rent to Absynth. So they can't go the same way.

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    heh, the dodo was very different from the thylacine, and yet...

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    edited October 2022

    We'd love to share more about the future of Reaktor but we don't have much at the moment regarding this topic. We'll definitely keep you updated as soon as we see more clearly what are the plans.

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    No dodo or thylacine, please.

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    Just update enough to report latency to the host :)

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    Some hosts have the ability to turn this offt , it's called turn off static processing (renoise °

    WIthout turning off

    Turned off

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