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After seeing what happened to Absynth, I am worried about Reaktor. I know they won't kill it right away but it is slowly getting there... No latest M1 support, The GUI is clunky, and still no VST3. There is no clear path as to how they will accommodate the user library stuff if they ever update with the latest 2022 bells and whistles (HiDPi res, MPE, scalable and resizable GUI, Blocks with 'proper' patching, etc) I read somewhere that they will update Reaktor and Battery in 2023 but I have no trust. It looks like they do not make money with synth-type ensembles like how they do with preset, sample and loop-based packs for Kontakt... Hence Kontakt 7... This is also holding me back from updating to Komplete 14 Ultimate. To me, Reaktor is the only software that has a distinct sound and character just like hardware. I hope it survives for another 50 years :(



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    We actually officially said it will be compatible with M1 early 2023 both here and on our knowledge base.

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    We're all doomed I tell you!

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    According to the internet, the end should have been 20 years ago. ;)

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    i was pondering this the other day and came to the conclusion that reaktor is still very much an asset. it may not be as much of a cash cow as kontakt but reaktor is just as much of a workhouse with even greater capabilities in its own domain. and in consequence this subform is still very much active even with long stretches inbetween updates. given reaktors well respected position as a DSP development environment competitive with things like MAX msp and the user library very much being alive and kickin i think its still a very attractive software to want to purchase

    all that and reaktor is also something NI has and may well in the future use it as a platform to release other commercial projects like crazy synthesizers, things like FORM, etc...

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    And with the trend on modulars,Reaktor's Blocks are popular and have a good reputation i think,even from hardware modular guys,it brought a lot of new people on board...although some people made the mistake of seeing Reaktor only as that and missed out on the rest.

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    I guess Reaktor is sort of still point of NI. Give me a still point and I move the whole Universe....

    Probably not bringing that much revenues directly, but invaluable tool to play with, test and develop things. And maybe later make it standalone product not based on Reaktor. Like Super 8. And maybe many other products we do not know about....

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    Sad about the ongoing sarcasm (lowest form of wit) allowed to run rampant on the Forums and the vitrioloc hatred directed at Mac users and no not all of us are fanbois thankyou very much. Nevertheless, really pleased about Reaktor! Thanks NI.

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    Where is the sarcasm here, and why are you trying to spread an argument from another thread?

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    hey don't be rude okay. we are having a conversation in here and you are showing up with a bunch of irrelevant stuff. so please do not do that

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    yeah blocks can be used with hardware modular with a dc coupled interface. that's got to be an exciting idea to someone into modular.

    I can't fault anyone who's mostly just interested in blocks. reaktor is mainly going to be interesting to tinkerers

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    Nope, not being rude nor did I intend to be. Just commenting on my observations like others have felt free to do at NI forums.

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    Ah, ok, it was aimed at me! thanks 😁

    It didn't make sense, because if you properly read all my posts in that other thread, it's pretty clear I think that I don't exhibit vitriol or hatred. I'm pretty sure that I expressed support for the switch to ARM more than once. What I don't like is the few users who are entitled, and are attacking NI unfairly, and trying to turn that thread away from its original purpose into yet a another PC vs Mac war. They are a minority, whether you are among that minority or not, only you can tell, but your post here suggests you might be?

    Anyway, that's the last I'll say on that subject here, I'll be willing to continue on the other thread if necessary.

    As far as my "we're all doomed" comment. That is ridicule rather than sarcasm IMO, but whatever. There have been many posts similar to the OP on the Reaktor forum for a very long time - I've probably made a few myself. It just gets tiring after so many years.

    It's not good for Reaktor either, doesn't matter if it's true or not. If potential customers are trying to work out whether to commit to Reaktor (it's a big commitment in terms of time and effort), and they come here and see that level of catastrophising, it could easily turn them away - nobody wants to invest in something that might already be over. So sales dwindle, and then maybe over time it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. There's no place for that negativity here at a time when the company is in transition, and the dev teams are stretched.

    I would like to think that that kind of nonsense will not be taken seriously by our community, And that derision, ridicule, and yes even sarcasm are wholly appropriate responses in the context.

    It wasn't aimed at you, or Mac users, or even Mac fanbois, but if you insist on reframing it, then stepping in and taking one for the team, have at it!

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