Absynth is dead



  • Kymeia
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    It works fine on M1 too - just needs Rosetta

  • Kubrak
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    But Rosetta will not be here for ages.

  • dysamoria
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    Oh look, yet another example of a corporation saying “We can’t do this thing”, when what they really mean is “We don’t want to do this thing”.

    Changing rule to “investors”, who want to pump out derivative content and cross-corporation bundling deals, to wrangle people into subscriptions and memberships, to squeeze blood from a stone… might be why NI no longer have “the necessary resources” to do the work…

    End-stage capitalism has the same pattern at every corporation.

  • inmazevo
    inmazevo Member Posts: 23 Helper

    So I got plasmonic: cool little synth, but on the note of ‘new absynth’: nah. Not seeing it in terms of both the type of synth it is, and the sheer flexibility of Absynth.

    The UI has that green alien thing going on, and the controls are similarly skinned/presented, and some of the presets are absynthy… but after the placebo of that wears off, it’s a very different, and quite capable little thing.

    It feels close to Sculpture, actually, had Sculpture continued to evolve… sort of.

    I’m sure it will grow, but I like what it is, and want it to grow that way, rather than tacking on absynth subpages and modularization.

    I’d definitely rather pay real money for Absynth to keep going, wherever that might land.

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 2,807 Expert

    It is a shame that NI have dropped one of the few truly surround capable synths there is at a time when things like spatial audio and atmos are becoming more mainstream

  • lastfreedom
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    edited March 2

    My understanding of IP (intellectual property) is that Native Instruments controls that IP and has absolute discretion over how legal matters relating to it are enforced. If there is a legal barrier as to why Absynth cannot be released into the public domain, then Native Instruments can remove it (the exception being if the IP has joint ownership). Please let me know whether am misunderstanding something here. Alternatively, how about releasing it (or licensing it) to Brian Clevinger or other interested party? If you license it, you can get money from sales without effectively having to do anything (I assume any joint owners wouldn't mind the money either). I can't see a reason to render it extinct.

    HBONTHETRACK Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Did Native Instruments realized how many people use Absynth ? that was arguably one your top 3 plugins. I know you guys didn't let it go just like that, smh.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,584 Expert

    I do not know German IP Law, but most probably Brian Clevinger has copyright. But also NI has copyright on some parts. And it may be even more complicated. Some of NI emloiis/ex-emploiis may have copyright. And certain libraries may be used where third party companies/programmers have copyright. And beside that there may be a mash of contracts on what is possible and not possible to do with sourcecode and how finances are distributed among all subjects involved....

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 2,807 Expert

    Please make the installer for the last release version available in the legacy downloads page so we can have a backup of the installer.

    Also we need an offline installation key so it can be activated for when NA no longer allows that

  • Philippe
    Philippe Member Posts: 55 Helper

    That would be a fair move

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,584 Expert

    +1 The only right thing every developer should do. Or release unlocked version.

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