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  • popuman
    popuman Member Posts: 3 Member
    edited September 2022

    The secret to a perfect pop song?

    Three and a half minutes or less of a catchy ditty with a good looking singer and a ton of money for “promotion and production”. Then you can force feed it to the masses repetitively placing it in all available media that will take your money until that ear worm is stuck in their brains. Then profit?

  • Tony Stubbings
    Tony Stubbings Member Posts: 21 Member

    What's the key to chart-topping pop hits in your opinion?

    Incessant playing in the mainstream media, TV, Radio, Film etc.

    Over and over again, until its beaten into the subconscious of the masses.

  • Unimperfect
    Unimperfect Member Posts: 1 Member

    It's all about the hook. If I read or hear a word or melody, and it makes me think of someone's song, and especially if it makes me sing/hum that song, then it has a great hook.

  • JViccari
    JViccari Member Posts: 1 Member

    A great melody & a fat hook, 4/4 time, a great 4 bar intro that builds to a drop, or the listener will bounce before the 5th bar!

  • ZSD
    ZSD Member Posts: 1 Member

    I think a good pop song does follow basic principles...some good proven chord progressions, ear candy, relevant and relatable lyrics, nothing too conplex. Something anyone can sing along to

  • taprecords
    taprecords Member Posts: 1 Member

    A great pop song starts with a "singable" hook. :-)

  • Lawrence23
    Lawrence23 Member Posts: 4 Member

    Willingness to rewrite until it's the best.

  • David Ross
    David Ross Member Posts: 1 Member

    The key in my opinion is creating interesting production values. The melody, rhythm, and chord progression can be simple or complex. But getting the right sound through the production is what I think matters the most these days.

  • YoungJae
    YoungJae Member Posts: 6 Member

    In my opinion the key to a "perfect" pop song is having catchy vocal melodies, something that will get stuck in the Listener's head. Also, having a catchy instrument melody helps.

  • mrjackster
    mrjackster Member Posts: 8 Member

    A hooky hook. Less is more. Make it bounce. Anthemic synth pad. Separation. Boof.

  • Michael Hild
    Michael Hild Member Posts: 1 Member

    there is most definitely a recipe for the perfect pop song! how do we know this? lets ask social media platforms!

    Songs these days are definitely getting shorter and now most tracks start with a chorus! Is this because it sounds better? nope! well, not in my opinion at least... its no surprise that many listeners are listening to music they find on social media.. so that means tracks are going to be created to please the listeners of that platform. If we take TikTok for example you want to create a really grabby hook to keep the viewer from scrolling so we hear lots of vocals to start the track, and since these videos are only so long the tracks don't have to be made that long and many times have no outros.

    Since always music has evolved to reach the audience and to well keep them happy, we are no longer creating tracks for the radio but to satisfy the algorithm put in place by our platform of choice. so to have a POPULAR/HIT pop song these days I would say there is a very specific recipe to follow!

    Also what makes something a hit today anyway? being at the top of the charts or having the most hype/ presence on social media, I feel like social media users wouldn't even recognize "top-selling artists" if they were to not come across their feed... long story short... i believe there are many variables other than the sound that have to do with a hit song, internet presence and creating a community is for sure part of that recipe.

  • Jhonbpm
    Jhonbpm Member Posts: 14 Member

    The chart-topping pop hits it : NI Kontakt, and you are done !!! 😎

  • Harry C
    Harry C Member Posts: 1 Member

    In my opinion, a catchy melodic chorus line

  • pbthrash
    pbthrash Member Posts: 32 Member

    Make the same over and over until some of your pop songs becomes pop hits. Usually hardcore promotion (like playing the same song over and over) helps.

  • IanTrader
    IanTrader Member Posts: 5 Member

    It needs to be familiar, but not so familiar that it sounds like something else.

    It also needs to be different but not so different that it sounds like nothing else.

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