[New release] Drop a recipe for pop hits to win an IGNITION KEYS 50 EUR/USD voucher

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Make your pop productions shine with IGNITION KEYS, a New Play Series library for your future hits.


Delve into 150 presets full of dreamy hybrid vocal pads, metallic plucks and gleaming, resonant synth leads. IGNITION KEYS is all about on-trend, sparkling keys. As with any Play Series library, you can customize the sounds with easy-to-use Sound Editor, Effects Editor, Sequence Editor, and more.


They say there's a formula behind every perfect pop song. What's your take on that? Answer this simple question: "What's the key to chart-topping pop hits in your opinion?" and you'll be in the running to win a 50 EUR/USD voucher, or local currency equivalent, to spend on our webshop.

Leave a comment below, whether you're going for a music theory approach, or just base your answer on a gut feeling. Curious to hear what you all think about pop songs' DNA. 🧬

Keep an eye on this post. One lucky winner will be announced on September 21, 2022.

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  • Tigersharc
    Tigersharc Member Posts: 59 Helper

    Dang this is going to be a perfect companion for Concrete Sun....... I guess I will get this on friday as well.......dang... dang ..... dang..... 😎

  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 366 Pro

    Recipe for pop success = Who you know.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,523 admin

    @Flexi oof facts. but for real what's the formula for pop songs these days iyo?

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,523 admin

    @Tigersharc They're awesome together you're right!

  • Schmapps1
    Schmapps1 Member Posts: 125 Pro
    edited September 2022

    The key formula for modern pop songs, in my opinion is: focusing on simplicity….BUT, also with incredibly complex sound design if that makes sense.

    so many modern songs actually have so few elements and are really quite sparse in terms of tracks. However, we also live in the golden age of sound design and it has never been so important. Whether it’s crazy formant effects on vocals, aggressive morphing wave table synth stuff, etc.

    you don’t need to stack 6 different pads and have 58 tracks in your project. But the sounds you DO have, better be detailed and up to snuff.

    of course, if I really knew the answer, I’d be making hit pop records sooo .. 😆

  • LoveEnigma
    LoveEnigma Member Posts: 80 Advisor

    Keep it catchy and hummable.

  • Percivale
    Percivale Member Posts: 196 Advisor

    Build up to the chorus which gets repeated often enough, maybe a breakaway solo in the mix.

  • komthusr
    komthusr Member Posts: 41 Member

    What's the key to chart-topping pop hits in your opinion?

    First of all, a combination of a catchy melody line and a fresh sounding instrument that hasn't been used before (or in a while).

    The song idea needs to grab your attention within the first few beats or even the first 30 seconds or so, otherwise no one is going to wait for it to finally get interesting. It could be a clever introduction of a beat, lyrics, instrument, melody, special effect or filter.

    The verse and chorus parts need to be distinct and stand out clearly in the listener's ears with the chorus being most prominent and at the same time not too complicated for an average Joe to hum along to. :)

  • Jean Voyage
    Jean Voyage Member Posts: 33 Helper

    Simple, according to the early 2000s formula: Create Nokia 3210 ringtone from your song. If it’s still recognisable and more importantly, still catchy, it’s a certified hit.

  • gNerds
    gNerds Member Posts: 1 Member

    "Karaoke-able" :)

  • Micha74
    Micha74 Member Posts: 1 Member

    The key? Four chords! And NI ofcourse!

  • gviio
    gviio Member Posts: 13 Member

    G major or C major

  • dthomasolson
    dthomasolson Member Posts: 2 Member

    Write from your heart and your experiences, not a formula. Music is an expression not an equation.

  • Whatzupyo
    Whatzupyo Member Posts: 1 Member

    There is definitely a formula. Just ask Nickleback. :)

  • kson
    kson Member Posts: 10 Member

    A melody you can hum and/or whistle, instruments sung/played with energy and exposure.

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