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  • Brad Buhr
    Brad Buhr Member Posts: 1 Member

    I think a combination of technical skill and and emotional message connects the best with the audience. It is not some thing elite from a “star“ but something genuine from one heart to everyone else's heart. Some thing human and universal creates the best music, and definitely has the potential to be a hit

  • Jim Homme
    Jim Homme Member Posts: 12 Member







    Very little variation. I know I haven't written down all the most popular formulas, such as blues. You get the idea. Pop songs have formulas, even if the listener is unconscious of it. That's what makes them more memorable. Some break the mold, though. Not many.

  • DanC
    DanC Member Posts: 7 Member

    PERFECT POP SONG = catchy rhythm + singable melody + slightly surprising lyrics + emotional climax + desire to listen to it again.

  • shermstixx
    shermstixx Member Posts: 1 Member

    Dynamic changes happening around memorable melodies with a vocal that fits a general archetypical mood...

    Minor to major, quiet to loud, soaring and triumphant vocal about overcoming heartbreak etc...

    Mix, repeat...

  • poggly
    poggly Member Posts: 1 Member

    If you play it and it gets stuck in you head.

  • topquota
    topquota Member Posts: 1 Member

     "What's the key to chart-topping pop hits in your opinion?" Melody is the key. An ear catching melodic hook that someone can hum along to.

  • Blaze Stardom
    Blaze Stardom Member Posts: 1 Member

    Pop music success:

    Simple, relatable message in the lyrics. Intelligent metaphors, play on words, memorable line or hook.

    Match the feel of the music with the feel of the lyrics.

    Payback and comeback are popular themes.

  • hackcomposer
    hackcomposer Member Posts: 1 Member

    The key to a chart-topping pop hit is similar to playing the lottery. If you never try (play), you'll never win.

  • Jozsef Ottucsak
    Jozsef Ottucsak Member Posts: 1 Member

    Money. Or it needs to be very relatable to people. But still, money.

  • Lab Rat
    Lab Rat Member Posts: 3 Member

    Having a hook is essential, but more important, the music has to come from the heart.

  • sputnikcdn
    sputnikcdn Member Posts: 1 Member

    "The key formula for modern pop songs, in my opinion is: focusing on simplicity….BUT, also with incredibly complex sound design if that makes sense."

    Agreed. There is indeed a formula for pop songs, find a simple phrase that people will remember and make it interesting.

  • Musical Gym
    Musical Gym Member Posts: 3 Member

    It has a beat that makes you want to dance.

    STAY LOW Member Posts: 6 Member

    A nice, simple beat that's easy to dance to with a catchy chorus.

  • billpatrick
    billpatrick Member Posts: 4 Member

    Want to make a great pop song? Recipe=Don't bore us, get to the chorus.

  • TimABRT
    TimABRT Member Posts: 3 Member

    A song should have different sections where instruments drop in or drop out to build the perfect song tapestry. Paul McCartney was really genius with different movements in the same song--much like Bach or Beethoven. Live and Let Die and Band on the Run would be good examples. There should be smart use of tension in the song, building up to a chorus, and dropping tension into gentle moments of the song. Of course, there should be a catchy bridge to transition into the chorus.

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