Traktor Pro 3.6: writing and importing playlists to / from USB-stick not working anymore

Hi, when importing .nml playlists, that were transferred before from an USB stick, I do get an empty playlist. This is regardless whether I choose "file" or "playlist" when prompted.

The playlist written by one of my other Macs when still under Traktor Pro 3.5.x

When I import the .nml from the USB stick straight, I do see the files. When doing a consitency check, I do get the message "X files missing" , but the missing files are not shown under the missing files tab, nor does the "relocate" button work.

When exporting a playlist on a USB stick, the playlist gets exported (both .nml., .m3u), but not the music files, even tough the box is checked.

This has been working fine up to the latest 3.5 version.

I am on macOS X 11.6.8, MBP and iMac with Intel. All three machines with Traktor Pro

Any help appreciated how I can transfer playlists including files under 3.6.0.

Please ask, if you need any more information to reproduce the bugs.



  • Sûlherokhh
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    By hand you can open the playlist file with a coding editor (i use notepad++). All tracks are listed there with their filepath. Use the command search/find-->replace to correctly adjust the whole list to your actual filepaths. This is most often the case of just replacing one Harddisk Letter with another Harddisk Letter. I am not familiar with Mac but i imagine it must be similiar to windows in that regard.

    With regard to exporting files along with a playlist you may want to experiment with the export format of the files. There should be three different options of how to name the files and if they should be put into subfolders etc.

    I wonder what sort of problem this might be with 3.6.

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