Does Reaktor still not support Sysex?

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I just pulled out my Korg padKontrol again and have been playing around with its Native Mode features.

I would love to write and Ensemble or Blocks that take advantage of these features, such as control over the pad LEDs, but that requires being able to send Sysex.

Thanks ~ perry



  • Perry
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    edited August 2022

    LOL. Lovely. It's 2022 and NI creates a forum where you only have 4 hours to edit your post?


  • Paule
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    If you rise up to a higher level like me you can edit your post at every time.

    At this moment my level is saw

    read the post in welcome before moaning in the forum — p.e. by kai

    About your first post: No — Reaktor can’t handle sysex.

  • gentleclockdivider
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    The problem is that the new forum does not take your post history from the previous one , so we all start from zero .

    Pretty lame if you ask me

  • BriFi
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    About as lame as Reaktor in it's sixth edition still not supporting the midi spec that's been around since what 1981? 😒

  • colB
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    Problem is folk complain on here where NI devs rarely visit. For stuff to happen, lots of users need to make a noise directly, or maybe on social media (not sure?). Mostly here are a small number of builders, that's not the main customer demographic, so :)

    I think part of the problem is that Sysex is something that only really makes sense with direct manipulation of binary/integers. That is something that wasn't available until R5 with core. And core is something that many builders have resisted, particularly at the start. So it kind of makes sense that it would be low priority for NI. Getting features added to core is very difficult, and part of this I feel is because the proportion of users that really understand what features would make a difference is very small, so it's a difficult sell.

    e.g. Sysex - most users probably don't know what that is.

    Lots of users want 'multicore', because that will magically make every thing run 10 times faster, but the idea of 'code reuse' which would likely be more beneficial is something that I suspect a lot of folk think is already there. How many non builder folk do you think believe Reaktor is object oriented... going by discussions I've had over the years it's more than you would imagine.

    The problem is that most users are not advanced builders, or programmers, so features that would be used only indirectly by that large majority are a hard sell in terms of getting NI to commit resources.

  • Perry
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    I guess that makes sense about the tiered users and needing to reach a specific level to have a longer "edit window", but I also understand the frustration from veteran users that had to start over from scratch! I'm pretty sure folks that can program DSP algorithms can manage a couple database exports/imports, but that would only really be possible if user accounts were ported over and folks didn't have re-register for a new account here. I can't recall which case it was...

  • Cretin Dilettante
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    I think one of the reasons people hesitate to delve into core is because the manual doesn't really explain anything in a beginner friendly way. There's nothing available that explains Core & its relationship to DSP, what different algorithms model, best practices and the reasons to abide by them, resource management, optimization, etc. At least not on a level that someone who has only used Primary could understand... It would be nice to see a series on "how to build/modify different kinds of filters in Core", "how to build a looper", etc. like there is for Primary. Building in Primary has helped me to understand the underlying logic/abstractions behind simple things like LFOs, Sequencers, Delays/chorus/flanger, and how to limit certain values in order to achieve a usable sound or effect unit but I still have no clue how to even start in Core.

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