Anyone know how to fix a dark Maschine studio?

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I think my Maschine studio may have finally died . It started with the 2 main display windows going dark a week ago. Now the whole device is dark. The only lights are when it turns on. It was fine 2 weeks ago. It happened quickly. No problems at all until a week ago. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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  • Reefius
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    Have you tried a different USB cable?

  • EZY
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    No. I just called Sweetwater this morning. I haven't really tried anything other than unplugging it to look at the device number. I just switched the Komplete Kontrol usb chord. It did the same thing. It flashed the whole screen start up lights but stayed dark.

  • Kubrak
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    Hard to say, maybe just loose cable/bad contact somewhere inside...

    Is it "seen" by Maschine SW? Does it do anything in SW, if you touch pads, buttons, rotaries?

  • EZY
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    It was until today. Today it completely dark except when it turns on. before today I could use the pads and all. I just couldn't see the 2 center display screens. now nothing has light. The SW is still playing everything. When I use the Komplete Kontrol keyboard I can still use the SW meaning using the software sounds.

  • Kubrak
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    It seems, something has died inside..... But still, you may try to open it and check the connections (remove it and plug in several times) they might oxidate over the time and make contact worse because of resistance....

    Also you could look if you do not see some damage inside. Darker items, smoke electronic smell, changed irregular shape.

  • 6xes
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    your usb port on computer could be buggered?

    does it have a power supply? test with that connected

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @EZY What is your operating system? Have you tried reinstalling Controller Editor? Have you tried those steps ?

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