Kilohearts plugins break Maschine GUI knobs (MacOS)

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If I load a Kilohearts plugin and use a knob in it's GUI, the knobs in Maschine GUI stop working properly when using the mouse. (The knobs in plugin GUIs continue to work normally)

I made a gif showing this bug =>

The knobs on my Mk2 controller also keep working fine.

I've read about some issues with Waves plugins, maybe this is a similar issue? (I don't have any Waves plugins installed).

I also haven't been able to replicate this bug with other plugin vendors.

I'm having this issue on both my computers:

• Mac mini M1, macOS 12.4, Maschine 2.15.2

• MacBook Pro, macOS 10.15.6, Maschine 2.13.0

Can someone perhaps test and replicate this bug?




  • ozon
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    And I haven’t even loaded any of the Kilohearts plugins, just installed the most recent update. 😳

    Gotta try to first deactivate them in Maschine or uninstall them and see what happens.

  • D-One
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    Looks exactly like a Waves issue that plagued users a while back, if the issue is really the same then it's up to Kilohearts to fix it. I suggest you let them know.

  • ozon
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    Just FYI: The Maschine GUI works fine again after uninstalling Kilohearts plugins. (Disabling them in the Maschine preferences wasn’t sufficient.)

  • statue
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    Thanks Philippe for posting it to KHS Discord, was just about to do the same.

    And thanks ozon for confirming, let's hope they we get a fix soon!

  • Flexi
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    To be honest, most Maschine bugs i submit to developers are met with "Yeah but its Maschine, who gives a s**t"

    A lot of plugin developers wont even acknowledge Maschine as a viable host because lack of certain features like PDC etc causes so many user complaints.

    Airwindows for example has most of his plugins with bug reports for Maschine, but doesn't care, and you can't blame him for that really.

  • statue
    statue Member Posts: 4 Member

    @Flexi Yeah I'm a bit afraid of that being the case...

    BTW, this same bug exists in Komplete Kontrol as well.

  • Reefius
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    Since this happens only in NI software (KK and Maschine), I believe it's up to NI to fix it. But I'm afraid they're gonna play the blame game again.

  • ozon
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    OTOH, then why do most plugins not cause any problems?

    One way or the other, it’s quite interesting that some piece of the UI code (mouse handler) of a plugin can interfere with the host’s UI, even if that plugin is not loaded.

  • Monochrome
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    If I make a plug-in and I can't be bothered to properly test it with other existing software out there that my customers may use, suddenly it's becoming NI's sole fault? Why should it? Isn't it that rather those (apparently lazy) devs (that Flexi mentioned) are playing the blame game?

    Generally, devs should make sure that their plug-ins work correctly with other existing software. Or, at least be fully transparent that they won't work.

  • D-One
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    Maschine does have the disadvantage of having a smaller audience than the major DAW's, if the company has a lot on the schedule making things work in MAS can be a low prio or not even a consideration.

    Devs having to makeshift fixes for specific DAW's is not uncommon, I've seen plenty complain about this so the blame game works several ways, many devs blame Steinberg for a sub-par SDK for today's standards.

    Personally, as a user that is not a dev blaming anyone is silly unless you can back it up with facts, otherwise we are just randomly picking someone to blame.

    Also, I wouldn't expect Kilohearts to reply within a couple of days, give them some time before jumping to conclusions... On the Waves situation if think both companies were in touch, maybe it happens here too altho Waves has NKS so they probably were already in touch.

  • siria
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    @statue i install kiloheart plugins.

  • ozon
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    Just yesterday, Maschine 2 controls couldn’t be adjusted when used as VST in Cubase, again. There was no change to my system since uninstalling the Kilohearts plugins. This is a bit annoying.

  • minimaltom
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    Opened kilohearts compressor the other day and the knobs on maschine hardware worked and the plug-in too but the gui was frozen

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